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1920 - Evil Returns
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02 Nov, 2012  |   Horror
This story revolves around a famous poet who meets a woman who is in trouble. In order to treat her, he takes her to Shimla in a big hospital, but soon that woman gets possessed by devil and goes out.... more
Bhushan Patel
Music Director
Chirantan Bhatt
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1920 - Evil Returns

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@Syedfaixan 1920 - Evil returns... It will be good movie..
Skyfall overtakes 1920 - Evil Returns, LSTCK at Box Office #Bollywood #News
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@Chitku_Bandar  said 644 days ago
I just love 1920 - Evil Returns' Songs. All are just awesome...

@MrPriceless7  said 648 days ago
@Insanengineeer 1920 - Evil Returns

@NabeelH22  said 652 days ago
@FzGroup Where is 1920 - Evil Returns and where is new movies in Hindi Dubbed

@Meet_Rajpal  said 653 days ago
@mansoura_75 @asdianjali like, 1920 - Evil Returns ;)

@MuteMohanSingh  said 659 days ago
I would rather prefer watching 1920 - Evil Returns over JTHJ, because for me, "An Unknown devil is far better than a known UNCLE." #SRK

@Syddie  said 661 days ago
1920 - Evil Returns - mehh! But totally kick ass for Indian Standards. Love the music - Esp Uska hi Bana! #AwesomeSong

@ThatSmokeRing  said 662 days ago
Bollywood has done it again. Aftab Shivdasani's comeback movie has been aptly titled 1920 - Evil returns.

@_intu_  said 662 days ago
1920 - Evil Returns, good movie

@ichaitany  said 663 days ago
Bhushan Patel, the director of horror movie 1920 - Evil Returns, is elated with the response that the film has r... #Entertainment #News

@amitnimade  said 663 days ago
Bhushan Patel, the director of horror movie 1920 - Evil Returns, is elated with the response that the film has r... #Entertainment #News

@worldnewshare  said 663 days ago
Bhushan Patel, the director of horror movie 1920 - Evil Returns, is elated with the response that the film has r... #Entertainment #News

@Rectified_Guy  said 663 days ago
@Syedfaixan 1920 - Evil returns... It will be good movie..

@Nicey_NiceTashu  said 663 days ago
Oh-Em-Gee! The movie '1920 - Evil Returns' is too scary!!! :$

@Neetythakkar  said 663 days ago
@SahilRiz Please watch 1920 - Evil Returns. Can't wait to read the Vigil Idiot on it.

@sudheerjampana  said 664 days ago
1920 - Evil Returns

@hhhakki  said 665 days ago
Tia Bajpai the only person worth watching in d movie 1920 - Evil Returns

@SaqibTanveer  said 666 days ago
Khud Ko Tere song of 1920 - Evil Returns is good music

@blackpeterburg  said 666 days ago
1920 - Evil Returns had a solid weekend of 11.50 crore nett as per early estimates. The opening was good ,so it was strong weekend.

@SinghJocelyn  said 667 days ago
Love the songs from 1920 - Evil Returns! I can listen to it all day. Now I just have to watch the movie ASAP!! @aftab_ps @twinklebajpai

@nickkharbanda  said 667 days ago

@ankit_j  said 667 days ago
Btw, I would suggest you all not to waste your money by watching 1920 - Evil Returns.. one hell of a damn shitty movie :-/

@Tutejajoginder  said 668 days ago
Looking at the way 1920 - Evil Returns has enjoyed an equal Sat as Fri (4cr each), it is on its way to being a clean hit.

@Boxofficeupdate  said 668 days ago
1920 - Evil Returns had a good Saturday as collections held up well.

@pradeep_smenon  said 668 days ago
Opening day of '1920 - Evil Returns' was 4 crores. That's probably more than all of Aftab Shivdasani's previous films combined.

@jaspreetnandre  said 668 days ago
1920 - Evil Returns is such a disaster.. Comedy superseded the Horror. Waste of time!

@Bollywood_Times  said 669 days ago
#1920 - Evil Returns collects Rs. 4.05 nett approx. Superb start! A superb film with superb collection..1 of d best horror movie ever.****

@GulaabiAakhein  said 669 days ago
Watched 1920 - Evil Returns ! It's quite tolerable ! Definitely Not a Bad movie ! Timepass stuff ! 2.5 stars

@ChallaWaseem  said 669 days ago
Yesterday watched 1920 - Evil Returns good entertainer movie Fab 2nd half. @aftab_ps underplays effectively @twinklebajpai is terrifi ...

@stillnuck  said 669 days ago
1920 - Evil Returns .. Keren acting cewe yng kesurupan :( sereeem yang

@kshah0171  said 669 days ago
1920 - Evil returns sucks , waste of money , uselesss !

1920 Evil Returns---Not Much Too Horror But Pretty Good Just like an unbeaten series of Raaz, Vikram Bhatt is successfully making a franchise of his 2008 hit movie '1920'. As it's a sequel, one would be definitely expecting a better product than the original. Thus '1920 - Evil Returns' should be spookier, horrifying and attention-grabbing, along with an excellent storyline, more than...more

An almost full theater for 1920 EVIL RETURNS in a multiplex on the first day itself (also a holiday) clearly proved that there are still enough fans of horror genre, desperately waiting for a good Hindi horror film from long. But unfortunately once again they all are served the same mediocre stuff from the house of Vikram Bhatt, which has got nothing exceptional as associated with the brand of 1920. May be the result is such since this time the...more

Seeing 1920 brings back memories of B.R chopra's Mahabharat,mainly the portion between Dronacharya and eklavya.With this film Vikram Bhatt again proves that he is a modern day eklavya to the Ramsay brothers who act as his multiple dronacharyas.From the screech in the opening scene (which takes place in a jungle set where the fog machine naturally went on an overdrive) to the hero(a beefy Aftab with an even beefier stubble) strapping a...more

Rohit Khilnani
Rohit Khilnani says 1920: Evil Returns is a boring and needless horror film. There are some horror films that scare you and the others just bore you. Even if you are a fan of horror movies, this one is not something that many of you will enjoy because the writing department does a bad job and that's where problem starts. The story moves at the speed of a snail and the horror scenes are so...more

Roshni Devi
What’s Bad: The brazenly lifted horror scenes; performances; the jarring sounds. Loo Break: Anytime in the first half. Watch or Not?: Watch it only if you’re desperate for some uninspiring horror. Give it a rest otherwise. It’s surprising that almost four decades after it was made, The Exorcist continues not only “inspires” horror filmmakers, but has scenes lifted exactly from it. The very poster...more

Taran Adarsh
Vikram Bhatt has emerged the most successful brand in the horror genre. In fact, it won't be erroneous to state that what Karan Johar is to candy floss, Vikram Bhatt is to horror. If one looks at Vikram's body of work, the talented storyteller has taken upon himself to petrify and frighten the moviegoers over and over again. RAAZ, 1920, SHAAPIT, HAUNTED, DANGEROUS ISHHQ, RAAZ 3... now 1920 - EVIL...more