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Bhoot Returns
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12 Oct, 2012  |   Horror
Tarun, an out-of-towner architect moves in with his family to a luxurious bungalow that he has acquired on a rather cheap rent. His wife Namrata's curiosity over the seemingly low rent is.... more
Ram Gopal Varma


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Bhoot Returns

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Ram Gopal Verma's "Bhoot Returns" released. After watching the movie people are replacing the B with C in the title to describe RGV
Manisha Koirala does a comeback in bollywood and they name the movie "Bhoot Returns".
Ram Gopal Verma's "Bhoot Returns" released. Lack of audience also results in Bhoots returning to theaters.
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@Raghni2010  said 662 days ago
#NowWatching Bhoot Returns

@joydeep1985  said 662 days ago
Anybody seen the movie Cabin In The Woods? One of the worst movies I've seen this year. Now I regret not watching Ramu's Bhoot Returns... :/

@Zooo000m  said 662 days ago
Watched Bhoot returns. Quite scary and good :P

@MrAnonymouskhan  said 663 days ago
Watching Bhoot returns #m0vie :-P

@faisal8662  said 664 days ago
@theMadhuShalini watching Bhoot returns u boss

@iShourob  said 665 days ago
After #StudentOfTheYear, watched #BhootReturns, few scary scenes apart from that the movie was dull

@nonsensepanti  said 667 days ago
Bollywood can be really mean.. Manisha Koirala's comeback movie is titled "Bhoot Returns"!!

@RijjuHBK  said 667 days ago
@cenaWweorton hmm :) u r welcome :) u know I watched 'BHOOT RETURNS" last night...bogus movie hai yaar. :(

@Suneel62  said 667 days ago
@RGVzoomin just watched bhoot returns,u scared us without showing the actual booth..remarkably outstanding!!

@ImMDhillon  said 667 days ago
@NavrajBrar95 Fuck yeah, its called "Bhoot Returns" #HindiHorrorFTW LOL

@SRK_Superhero  said 668 days ago
@_Sanarita_ @iamsrk bhoot returns??

@BollywoodPankha  said 668 days ago
Bhoot Returns RT "@ZoomTV: Aftab Shivdasani is back on screen after a long time, how was he in the film? #MyReview #zoOmTV"

@RavikumarMGR  said 668 days ago
Manisha Koirala's comeback movie is titled "Bhoot Returns"!# FB

@GaganSharma007  said 668 days ago
Watching.. #BhootReturns ..

@MaryamAnsari_  said 668 days ago
Just watched that film bhoot returns. Shit shit shit

@Nayaandro  said 668 days ago

@Amji50  said 669 days ago
Manisha Koirala ki zindgi ma kch b shi nhi ja rha,apni divorce k bad Indstry ma wpsi ki akhri umed "Bhoot Returns"b buri trh flop ho gyi

@Suubbaassh  said 669 days ago
#bhoot plsss plss plsss don't ever return wit a sequel !! #hoplessshit #worstfilmever #bhootreturns

@siddykke  said 669 days ago
watching movie " Bhoot Returns " !!

@MajidTamoor  said 670 days ago
Bhoot returns looks good. dekhi? @SaraCazmey

@itxtaimoor  said 670 days ago
Looking forward to Bhoot Returns tonite..!

@Nams93  said 670 days ago
#SenselessActs Getting Scared while watching Bhoot Returns.

@ronimanojk  said 670 days ago
type a horror movie name in google (frankenstein 1931) for a spooky suprise.. and then i tried #BhootReturns #ithoughtso

@swopz  said 670 days ago
Bhoot Returns was not shown in Nepal, but 1920 Evil Returns gets more than 10 shows in QFX alone. Double standards of exhibitors.

@baby004doll  said 670 days ago
just watched Bhoot Returns with @shonafaitty i think it was a nice movie :)

@nirmalpathak  said 671 days ago
Well Last 15-20 Minutes of @BhootReturns was good! Better than some #Hollywood horror films. You don't need ugly faces to make you scare. :)

@nirmalpathak  said 671 days ago
Watching 'Bhoot Returns' on Halloween night. Happy to see @mkoirala after long time in a film.

@SheikhHaraami  said 672 days ago
i stil don get wht dey menat by Bhoot returns.. Bhoot kabhi jaata hey kya vaapas aane keliye??

@JoshiJignesh99  said 672 days ago
@RGVzoomin , Totally insane thought. Try to make good films and plz check bhoot returns collection figures and introspect with urself

@axoci  said 672 days ago
@Sara_dh :: i still recommend bhoot returns :P tara agi i was watching the unborn, seems interesting ;)

Can we give negative stars?more

such a disgustingly bad movie.... such a shame to the original Bhoot movie....more

a wanna be Bollywood's Paranormal Activity, starts of well.. but alas ends as another bad film from RGV...more

Ram Gopal Verma is the best horror film maker out there in Bollywood and he once gain delivered with this movie. The film was not a proper sequel to the first `Bhoot` movie. It was strange seeing 1990s superstar Manisha Koirala in the movie.more

k bottom_divider"> <a href="/user/id/786819761/"><img class="media_block_image" src="" width="50" height="50" /></a> <div class="media_block_content fl name"> <a href="/user/id/786819761/">Asif H</a> <p>more

Well i went to see this movie as a Horror one. But except last 15-20 min, its a comedy movie which does not make any good progress through out the whole movie.<br><br>When you go to watch a horror movie, you always get excited by the surprises. But in this movie you could pretend every next scene.<br><br>They copied some scene from Exorcist &#x26; some from Paranormal Activity but could not justified at...more

It&#x27;s a well known fact that Ram Gopal Verma doesn&#x27;t really care about the success or failure of his movies. He has confessed this several times in his interviews that he just moves on when a film gets complete and starts thinking about his next without caring about its good or bad box office result. The attitude is fine till he is able to deliver quality products to his viewers and fans waiting to see each of his new...more

When it comes to horror movies, chills are based on subjective factors such as the viewer's belief in the supernatural, and most importantly, ambience.But to be honest, when watching a scary movie in a proper ambience, this reviewer has a tendency to get spooked out by some of the weakest ones. After the mildly successful Bhoot, RGV pulls out this sequel from his horror pitara. From the conventional...more

Roshni Devi
Star cast: Manisha Koirala, J. D. Chakravarthy, Madhu Shalini and Alayana Sharma. What’s Good: The part where the policeman interrogates the family. Watch or Not? Only if you want to watch a terrible rehash of a dozen done-to-death Bollywood horror movies. Ghosts can do horrible, terrible things to spook a family. Ram Gopal Varma’s Bhoot Returns gives this family the jitters by – hold your breath...more

Rohit Khilnani
Rohit Khilnani says Bhoot Returns has quite a few nail-biting moments but ends abruptly. While Ram Gopal Verma's [ Images ] 2003 film Bhoot was widely appreciated for some genuine edge-of-the-seat moments, the sequel Bhoot Returns merely plays around with the old plot and offers a rather abrupt end. There is no doubt that Ramu knows his craft well and is one director who knows how to use technology....more

Madhureeta Mukherjee
ttle">Bhoot Returnsvar msnsyn='A family of four move into a new bungalow, only to realise that they might have creepy company, the kinds you can’t see, only hear ... Bhooottt!!!'; The Critic has posted comments on this MovieMadhureeta Mukherjee, TNN, Oct 11, 2012, 04.43PM ISTCritic's ReviewReaders' ReviewsPost a reviewEmail this reviewPrint this reviewSave...more

Taran Adarsh
Ramgopal Varma, the maverick, is synonymous with 'dark films' [a terminology we often use in the industry]. Gangsters, underworld, crime, horror, supernatural... RGV has attempted it all. With BHOOT RETURNS, RGV revisits the horror genre yet again.A quick clarification, before we proceed further. Is BHOOT RETURNS a sequel to RGV's BHOOT? BHOOT RETURNS doesn't continue from the first...more

Shubhra Gupta
In Bhoot, Ram Gopal Varma has given us a film that worked all its �haunted house� horror tropes well. It delivered chills at frequent intervals, and kept the pace tight, leaving us all spooked. Bhoot Returns has several similar things. A family moving into a new abode (it was an apartment in a multi-story building in Bhoot; here it is a bungalow surrounded by a garden). A little girl picking up on...more

Ram Gopal Varma's repertoire of films can be classified in basic two categories, good and bad. And Bhoot Returns made in the 3D format can be listed as the worst of the lot. The film plunges directly into the genre with a voice over telling the audience that there are some houses that are haunted and here is one such house where the ghost of Shabu dwells. And what's peculiar is that Shabu likes...more