Bhoot Returns
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Bhoot Returns
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2012  |   Horror
Tarun, an out-of-towner architect moves in with his family to a luxurious bungalow that he has acquired on a rather cheap rent. His wife Namrata's curiosity over the seemingly low rent is.... more
Ram Gopal Varma


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Ram Gopal Verma's "Bhoot Returns" released. After watching the movie people are replacing the B with C in the title to describe RGV
Manisha Koirala does a comeback in bollywood and they name the movie "Bhoot Returns".
Ram Gopal Verma's "Bhoot Returns" released. Lack of audience also results in Bhoots returning to theaters.
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@Montys_space  said 1076 days ago
Looks like RGV has found heroine for bhoot returns"@ZoomTV: Shilpa Shetty: I will return in a full-fledged way to Bollywood after a year

@MangoBwoy  said 1076 days ago
hearing reports Bhoot returns is shot in a haunted house...err is that RGV's residence?

@BhootReturns  said 1076 days ago
Pay attention to cold spots as that means there is a ghost in the room... #BhootReturns

@avinashaecwb  said 1075 days ago
@mkoirala ma'am waiting for u to return with Bhoot Returns.True,films worked and didn't work,u were fab in all.Innocence and beauty in one.

@DaMoViEmAnIaC  said 1075 days ago
Read between the lines. ;) RT @mkoirala Waiting for release of bhoot returns then off to Nepal...

@ammeister  said 1075 days ago
Ram Gopal Varma coming up with Bhoot Returns. After having watched some of his recent films, the audience ought to be scared #bollywood

@mkoirala  said 1074 days ago
Tai chi,Pilates,sidhuvinayak temple,mauri healers...n then I shall rest the whole of evening besides listening to scores of bhoot returns.:)

@PurijaGUN  said 1072 days ago
@midwestmoviesus oh..!! Ee Bhoot returns konnandii ..;D

@item_boyy  said 1072 days ago
manisha koirala returning to bollywood with bhoot returns.. watta suitable title

@Goonzan  said 1072 days ago
Who's interested in horror movies at thia age-- those stupid stories on haweli and all. No more horror movies Mr. Ram G. Varma #BhootReturns

@Mr__Mahesh  said 1072 days ago
mana @purijagan gari ki #CGTR film kante Bhoot returns movie antene baga intrest anukunta ;)

@Eega2012  said 1072 days ago
@imkumar143 hai bro.. Bhoot returns poster ..iragathesinatlundhi ga..kev aasalu..waiting for the movie bro

@vijaykutty74  said 1072 days ago
@BhootReturns Ramu is back with,what he is best at.Good luck RVG :)

@soulprins  said 1072 days ago
@BhootReturns interesting........

@phalgundutta  said 1072 days ago
@BhootReturns wat iz so spl

@srikanth_mvs  said 1072 days ago
bhoot returns new poster

@sanjeevdreams  said 1072 days ago
Yeah! Fear of not watching a Ram Gopal Varma movie again. RT @ZoomTV: 'Bhoot Returns' will enhance the fear factor #zoOmTV

@sanjeevdreams  said 1072 days ago
Yeah! Fear of watching a Ram Gopal Varma movie again. RT @ZoomTV: 'Bhoot Returns' will enhance the fear factor #zoOmTV

@sanjeevdreams  said 1072 days ago
Yeah! Fear of watching a Ram Gopal Varma movie again. RT @ZoomTV Ram Gopal Varma: 'Bhoot Returns' will enhance the fear factor #zoOmTV

@hailpreeti  said 1072 days ago
Bhoot returns definition a has been director making a movie with a has been actress about the has beings !

@bollywoodfucker  said 1071 days ago
@ZoomTV truly said rgv bhoot returns will surely enhance the fear factor ov YOU! DUMBASS!!

@pankajrajss  said 1071 days ago
Waiting for Your Upcoming Movie Bhoot Returns RT @mkoirala: Good morning friends..have a blessed day...

@birdlover007  said 1071 days ago
@BhootReturns when will the phoonk return?

@BhootReturns  said 1071 days ago
That odd hour of the morning... If you've woken up and don't know why... think again. You haven't woken up on your own! #BhootReturns

@priyaramani  said 1071 days ago
Bhoot Returns? In 3 D? Vomit

@greenappletwist  said 1071 days ago
So, RGV is releasing a new movie called 'Bhoot Returns'. God bless you.

@abhi_sakhumalla  said 1071 days ago
@BhootReturns @PurijaGUN nothing happens tried it soo many times . Just a silly myth

@PurijaGUN  said 1071 days ago
@abhi_sakhumalla @BhootReturns On Rainy Dark nite !!

@TashaFrancesca  said 1071 days ago
@BhootReturns I saw shadows in the reflection! I swear I did! Not tangible, but it was there! FREAKY!

@humancaste  said 1071 days ago
@BhootReturns superb,,,bebhatchham,khayam ,,,,ramugaru returns again ,he only knows how to recharge him self again and again ,it vl rock,

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When it comes to horror movies, chills are based on subjective factors such as the viewer's belief in the supernatural, and most importantly, ambience.But to be honest, when watching a scary movie in a proper ambience, this reviewer has a tendency to get spooked out by some of the weakest ones. After the mildly successful Bhoot, RGV pulls out this sequel from his horror pitara. From the conventional... more

Roshni Devi
Star cast: Manisha Koirala, J. D. Chakravarthy, Madhu Shalini and Alayana Sharma. What’s Good: The part where the policeman interrogates the family. Watch or Not? Only if you want to watch a terrible rehash of a dozen done-to-death Bollywood horror movies. Ghosts can do horrible, terrible things to spook a family. Ram Gopal Varma’s Bhoot Returns gives this family the jitters by – hold your breath... more

Rohit Khilnani
Rohit Khilnani says Bhoot Returns has quite a few nail-biting moments but ends abruptly. While Ram Gopal Verma's [ Images ] 2003 film Bhoot was widely appreciated for some genuine edge-of-the-seat moments, the sequel Bhoot Returns merely plays around with the old plot and offers a rather abrupt end. There is no doubt that Ramu knows his craft well and is one director who knows how to use technology.... more

Madhureeta Mukherjee
ttle">Bhoot Returnsvar msnsyn='A family of four move into a new bungalow, only to realise that they might have creepy company, the kinds you can’t see, only hear ... Bhooottt!!!'; The Critic has posted comments on this MovieMadhureeta Mukherjee, TNN, Oct 11, 2012, 04.43PM ISTCritic's ReviewReaders' ReviewsPost a reviewEmail this reviewPrint this reviewSave... more

Taran Adarsh
Ramgopal Varma, the maverick, is synonymous with 'dark films' [a terminology we often use in the industry]. Gangsters, underworld, crime, horror, supernatural... RGV has attempted it all. With BHOOT RETURNS, RGV revisits the horror genre yet again.A quick clarification, before we proceed further. Is BHOOT RETURNS a sequel to RGV's BHOOT? BHOOT RETURNS doesn't continue from the first... more

Shubhra Gupta
In Bhoot, Ram Gopal Varma has given us a film that worked all its �haunted house� horror tropes well. It delivered chills at frequent intervals, and kept the pace tight, leaving us all spooked. Bhoot Returns has several similar things. A family moving into a new abode (it was an apartment in a multi-story building in Bhoot; here it is a bungalow surrounded by a garden). A little girl picking up on... more

Ram Gopal Varma's repertoire of films can be classified in basic two categories, good and bad. And Bhoot Returns made in the 3D format can be listed as the worst of the lot. The film plunges directly into the genre with a voice over telling the audience that there are some houses that are haunted and here is one such house where the ghost of Shabu dwells. And what's peculiar is that Shabu likes... more