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English Vinglish
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2012  |   Drama
English Vinglish is the story of a woman who does not know English and is made to feel insecure by her family and society at large.
Gauri Shinde
Music Director
Amit Trivedi


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#Englishvinglish is good movie & its good comeback for Sridavi ..,,!!
ENGLISH VINGLISH (y) WOW wat a movie must watch 5(*)
I wanna watch English Vinglish!
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@ZeeZooMeeMoo1  said 1107 days ago
Wasn't that fussed re #Englishvinglish. Until I saw the trailer. @sridevibkapoor will rule once more.

@GiriSenji  said 1107 days ago
I watched the real actress @SrideviBKapoor in @EnglishVinglish. She is a living #TextBook of acting. Time stands still for her beauty.

@rajbansal9  said 1107 days ago
Saw the superb trailor of #EnglishVinglish sridevi is fantastic cant wait to see this flick

@zaykhanu  said 1107 days ago
English vinglish - sridevi

@blutosolive  said 1107 days ago
is so looking forward to watching Sridevi's work in 'English Vinglish'. After 15 years, it's about time! #fb

@ashforeverno1  said 1107 days ago
I have begun to like Madhuri and Sridevi all over again thanks to #Jhalak and #EnglishVinglish.

@AshishNS  said 1107 days ago
Saw trailer of English Vinglish. Need not to say Meryl Streep of Bollywood, @SrideviBKapoor has picked right movie for comeback!

@BipashaPriyanka  said 1107 days ago
Sridevi is Gorgeous!! #EnglishVinglish

@SatyarthNayak  said 1107 days ago
@ErosNow @EnglishVinglish It has crossed 5 lakhs in just 2 days. Superhit trailer. The media must report this. Historic mania for Sridevi

@vellaLUCKY  said 1106 days ago
@SrideviBKapoor loved the trailer of @EnglishVinglish looking forward to it

@HebaSRKRules  said 1106 days ago
@SrideviBKapoor Welcome to twitter Sridevi :D really loved ur #EnglishVinglish trailer :D

@celebsfactory  said 1106 days ago
@SrideviBKapoor returns 2 reign with 'English Vinglish'. V meant the hearts of your fans who love you & other home appliance who worship u.

@TheRajKundra  said 1106 days ago
Just saw the theatrical trailor to @EnglishVinglish guaranteed sure shot super hit!!! Love Sridevi ji.

@9e3k  said 1106 days ago
@sakhispeaks Of course. More than producer, the PR peeps forcing her to do promotions through twitter. Just in time for English Vinglish

@karthick4  said 1106 days ago
@SrideviBKapoor mam give us #EnglishVinglish #ajith sir picture !! :-)

@RAJATT24  said 1106 days ago
iam really excited for ur upcoming movie english vinglish,bt can u plz discuss with me fr the movie script on real life story of U.P state

@bin_ooo  said 1106 days ago
@shekharkapur Have u seen the trailer of Sridevis English Vinglish? Your thoughts after directing her 25 years back !!!

@RAJATT24  said 1106 days ago
@gauris m really xcitd 4 ur upcmin movie english vinglish,bt can u plz discuss with me fr the movie script on real life story of U.P state

@RAJATT24  said 1106 days ago
@gauris m really xcitd 4 ur upcmin movie english vinglish,bt can u plz discuss with me fr the movie script on real life story of U.P state

@PurijaGUN  said 1106 days ago
ABN lo EnglishVinglish.. Chustey unna English kuda podhii

@rishika87  said 1106 days ago
"@TheRajKundra: Just saw the theatrical trailor to @EnglishVinglish guaranteed sure shot super hit!!! Love Sridevi ji." @ErosNow

@RavariaBharat  said 1106 days ago
@SrideviBKapoor loved the trailer of english vinglish loved it looking forward to see the movie :)

@EternalScrewUp  said 1106 days ago
The only Hindi movie I'll watch in the theater this year will probably be English Vinglish.

@tamil_scorpion  said 1106 days ago
@sridevibkapoor Upload Ajith shooting spot still in the set of english vinglish

@manoj428  said 1106 days ago
@gauris hi mam...all the best for english vinglish......it vil tak a gud opening cos it has ajith sir...hop movie sees a gud run..

@vivek_gandhi  said 1106 days ago
@mariapendo @EnglishVinglish awesome

@CompareGrocery  said 1106 days ago
'Our first Bollywood update' Have u heard Sridevi is back, making her comeback after 14 years in movie 'ENGLISH VINGLISH'...

@rrajchandnani  said 1106 days ago
@EnglishVinglish @rajeevmasand @SrideviBKapoor @gauris awsum interview. str8 from the heart. sree is numero uno even @ givin interviews;)

@expenditure  said 1106 days ago
English vinglish seems to b gud film.

@Fattiemama  said 1106 days ago
Just watched the English Vinglish trailer and realised how much I missed the consummate performer called Sridevi!

reviewed on 01/01/70
Reviews : 38 | Likes on Reviews : 0 | Followers: 0
Movie Rating : 4/5
Music : 3/5
a very good simple movie after a long time...a full family entertainer with full of emotions...sridevi again proved that she is still the best...loved the movie...recommending to all my friends and their families.....much much better than all those 100 cr collections movies...
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'English is a phunny language', Amitabh Bachchan told us in Namak Halal. English Vinglish starts with a title card that says, "100 years of Indian cinema. 70 years of Amitabh Bachchan." The film's producer, R Balki, has been a self-confessed Bachchan fan, who gave the veteran two of his most challenging roles in the post-Mohabbatein phase - a proud, arrogant, unmarried chef in... more

Roshni Devi
What’s Good: The nuanced screenplay and cinematography; the effortless direction; the touching performances; the music. What’s Bad: Some characterizations; tries a bit hard to get emotional; the slow pace. Watch or Not?: This light-hearted movie is a lovable watch for Sridevi, the direction and the music, though the forced emotional quotient might get to you. Towards the climax of English Vinglish... more

Meena Iyer
ttle">English Vinglishvar msnsyn='Shashi Godbole is a super-sensitive wife, mother and daughter-in-law; a perfect homemaker and small-time entrepreneur. Her only handicap is English.'; The Critic has posted comments on this MovieMeena Iyer, TNN, Oct 4, 2012, 11.39AM ISTCritic's ReviewReaders' ReviewsPost a reviewEmail this reviewPrint this reviewSave this... more

Raja Sen
In India [ Images ], our post-Colonial hangover includes a peculiar English-language elitism, where those even halfway in control of the language thumb their nose at those unable to speak it. Where folk routinely, and with unforgivable curtness, cut folk off mid-sentence to snappily correct pronunciation. Which is why a scene in Gauri Shinde's new film -- where a simple Maharashtrian woman is... more

Shubhra Gupta
Shashi Godbole is a good wife, and a good mother. She packs tiffin for her school-going kids, and hands her husband his briefcase every morning. She is also a woman who is not too conversant with English and speaks it haltingly. Which makes her not good enough for her corporate-type spouse, and brattish teenage daughter: they treat her with the sort of off-hand affection edged with disparagement that most... more

Anupama Chopra
English Vinglish is that rare thing – a Hindi film that creates a heroine out of a homemaker. Shashi, played by GA_googleFillSlot("ht_story_top_lhs_200x200"); related stories Bollywood glitters at English Vinglish premiereHappy that I am in position to select... more