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Gangs Of Wasseypur
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22 Jun, 2012  |   Crime
Towards the end of colonial India, Shahid Khan loots the British trains. Now outcast, he becomes a worker at Ramadhir Singh s colliery, only to spur a revenge battle that goes on for generations. At.... more
Anurag Kashyap
Music Director
Sneha Khanwalkar


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Gangs Of Wasseypur

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Gangs of Wasseypur seems to b a must watch!
Gangs of Wasseypur !! Awesome movie :D
Now watching : Gangs of Wasseypur..#Epic shit..:|
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@rambocool69  said 770 days ago
you gotta be kidding me GANGS OF WASSEYPUR awesome of the best movie ever.

@i_shankar  said 770 days ago
Gaali+Goli=Gangs of Wasseypur! And yes of course classic romance.

@zennmaster  said 770 days ago
I think I will be back in Bangalore just in time for Gangs of Wasseypur 2 from Raipur. Shall have a proper dialogue delivery accent by then

@DanishKh4n  said 770 days ago
Just spotted sardar khan of Gangs of Wasseypur in Khatta Meetha movie @akshaykumar

@ansup29  said 770 days ago
@AKFPL Gangs of wasseypur is the most awesome film i have ever seen, its a treat to watch the ensemble of such great actors. it.

@Quote_ler  said 770 days ago
@goonergurl20 watched TDKR earlier today then gangs of wasseypur n now source code..

@Surya_Gupt  said 770 days ago
@Chozhathozhan bro u can only enjoy gangs of wasseypur thoroughly only in hindi....dat's d essence of the film..

@tazeen  said 770 days ago
Recommended if you are up for foul lingo in binaries accent "@KeyboardJihadi: Any reviews on Gangs of Wasseypur?"

@abhimanyu_2004  said 770 days ago
Loved the movie Gangs of Wasseypur

@musingsman  said 770 days ago
@saviojoseph With Gangs of Wasseypur 1 ..

@suku99  said 770 days ago
Nawazuddin Siddiqui - the dark horse of Bollywood .. Excellent actor .. Faisal Khan - Gangs of Wasseypur ...

@shazzy_p99  said 770 days ago
One month more to go for Gangs of wasseypur 2. In anticipation watched GOW 1 three times already in theatres. My best movie of the year.

@IshqSufiyana  said 770 days ago
OH MY HORNY GOD! Saw Gangs of Wasseypur. Absolute Master Peice.

@proxax  said 770 days ago
What a refreshing afternoon nap... *just realised I've always hated them* Gangs of Wasseypur here I come!

@beeayeanoowhy  said 770 days ago
Let's watch The Dark Gangs of Wasseypur Rises.

@Freeee_e  said 770 days ago
gangs of wasseypur ! Another mindless flick . Bads of raktha charitra and pudupettai combined

@amma_pakoda  said 770 days ago
spotted wild / domestic camels in wild rain.. kota is approching.. Wild wild rajastahan!! and Gangs of wasseypur songs playing.

@er_ankur_mishra  said 770 days ago
Congrtss to 'Anurag Kashyap', No need to think for "Gangs of Wasseypur - 3", Ab to Bhagvan bhi meharban hai Live Story is Going ON.... :)

@SabzShutterbug  said 770 days ago
i am loving Gangs Of Wasseypur's Songs

@vipin105  said 770 days ago
Jst saw Gangs of Wasseypur n Gone With The Wind 2 epics... dont remember the last tym saturday was spend @ home...It feels so good ;) ;)

@sujeetpillai  said 770 days ago
Sneha Khanwilkar is the SH**!! #GangsOfWasseypur2 music is awsomemax!!!!

@SabzShutterbug  said 770 days ago
#NowPlaying : O Womaniya From Gangs Of Wasseypur :D I am in Love With It's Music

@sharfarosh1  said 770 days ago
@SamiSaayer nice review of #GangsOfWasseypur @WasseypurWorld

@maqboolqureshi1  said 770 days ago
Its good to watch gangs of wasseypur.

@Ajji_MunDe  said 770 days ago
Honestly, I want to watch gangs of wasseypur a third time over watching #tdkr again. #OkSorry

@ravipatil62  said 770 days ago
@amit_dubey1 @RahulSRKFC I dnt Think Kahaani is the BEST? Gangs Of Wasseypur was EPIC! I loved it

@manna1313  said 770 days ago
#hatsoff #manojbajpaye #awesomemovie #gangsofwasseypur

@ThePetrified  said 770 days ago
Kaala rey - Gangs of Wasseypur 2 #nowplaying. Instant favourite.

@biharibanter  said 770 days ago
#GangsofWasseypur should not take part in film awards this year... You should not compete with inferior species. @ankash1009

@joverdorf  said 770 days ago
@calamur @joverdorf All Gangs of Wasseypur needed was a guy in a skin tight latex muscle suit kicking ass.

Exception movie with an exceptional storyline and exceptional acting by the actors specially Sardar khan character by Manoj....more

This Gang really knows how to make sensible films. I hope the 1 star films learn something from them.more

Manoj Bajpai, maybe the most underrated actor of Bollywood, gives a performance of a lifetime in this very unusual Indian flick. Thoroughly entertaining, but lil too lengthy to keep myself interested all along, and even then we are asked to wait another month for the story to have its climax. Really had to be one of <span id="remainingText149547103_771307304" style="display:none;"> the greatest crime movie to come from...more

Racy, swift, violent, raw, Indian, yet inspired by Tarantino and Godfather. A must seemore

Gritty and Dark, this one's a riveting story.more

This is raw, rustic and realistic...Set against a backdrop of mining mafia in Dhanbad, Bihar, its an intriguing saga of decades old revenge which will sweep you off your feet. Loaded with desi artillery and untamed lust garnished with our very own desi profanity, extra-ordinary performances by the cast (spl Manoj <span id="remainingText888487657_771307304" style="display:none;"> Vajpayee and Richa Chaddha) and Anurag...more

The first part looked promising. Looking forward to see where it goes.more

�ह �ह �� ल� लिय� 3/4 !!!more

I have only seen the first part yet. It seems like it has all the ingredients of being a cult classic, however will probably not achieve that because of substandard execution. Many times I was lost between cut scenes, not knowing what has happened, and how the two scenes connect.more

wat a fast paced ride!!! not for the dim-witted or the weak hearted!more

Indian Cinema at its Best !more

One word for the movie. Brilliant.more

Visually thrilling, Rocking performances &amp; engaging.GOW is ofcourse one of d flick of recent times from bollywood Bt its so entertaning dat its impossible not to watch repeatedly.I hve got a chance just to watch part 1 &amp; waiting for part 2 of dis cult film whose dark scenes &amp; characters r still haunting me..Go for it..more

Badass gangster movie, AK again makes a masterpiece!more

awesome movie... must watch!more

Brutal, Violent, fine camera work, fine direction, top notch acting...<br />The raw movie was really nice...<br />not every1's type of cinema...more

one of its own kind...a must watch.. brilliant piece of work Indian can see after a long time.more

A film that will define an era of Indian cinema in the future....more

Aag lag Gayi Hamaar Aangan Maa !! Still Recovering from the sights! Cant wait for part 2 !more

Great Movie...A Biography of a family spanning 3 generations...a entertainer which tells the story with the right mix of drama , violence and humor. Strong characters and great performance by the cast.more

Gangs of Wasseypur is raw, rugged, brilliant, dark, most enjoyed trip into brutal rural indian landscape...even love scenes are very entertaining and innovative....n music adds brilliantly to dis Anurag Kashyap�(TM)s home-grown knockout punch...dont miss it if u r a Tarantino-type hard-core serious <span id="remainingText909320726_771307304" style="display:none;"> film lover...more

Gangs of Wasseypur to Bollywood can be regarded as Godfather to Hollywoodmore

Anurag Kashyap.......a wonderful job..!!well done...!!Manog Bajpai..hell of a acting....respect..!!more

GOW is indian cinema at its best...though storyline is bit works...all cast performs of 2012more

Very intense movie. enjoyed thoroughly!more

The first installment of Gangs Of Wasseypur is an involving and suffocating, foul and hilarious, violent and realistic, gritty, fiery, hefty and epic chunk of meaty cinema... Waiting eagerly for Part 2...more

interesting movie wit super dialogues nd performances but tends to drag sum scenes too long...... ther r characters being introduced even in the last 15mins also ...... ther is a lot of unneeded material in the movie .....cld hav been shorter by atleast 30 mins......has a godfatherish inspiration .......its USP is its <span id="remainingText785261858_771307304" style="display:none;"> gr8 witty lines .....needs patiencemore

A near perfect movie. Sarkar, Company, Aab Tak Chappan, Shootout at Lokhandwala and all those gangster movie on one side, and this on the other. Not to mention which side of the scale still feels high.<br /><br />Intense, humorous, captivating... what more do you want from a movie. Hats off Anurag Kashyap!!!more

Finally after a long time a good movie comes to cinema.<br />Kashyap saying to directors of shit movies Teri keh ke lungamore

It is a masterpiece worth at least 3 (spaced out) viewingsmore

Absolutely amazing First Half ( 4 Stars) + Unbelievably ridiculous and pointless second half (-3 Stars) = 1 Star. As a friend puts it, twas &quot;Authentic Bullshit&quot;.more

the fact that the movie is based upon the wasseypur area of my city is enough to make me watch the movie...n besides it has been getting awesome reviews...more

Brash, bold, deafening. And a convoluted plot that makes it too hard to follow without subtitles. This is NOT a Hindi film. It's full-on Bhojpuri. Liked it, didn't love it. But this is the sort of film you see the Director's Cut of in it's entirety. And it needs another viewing to really understand. Otherwise it's just <span id="remainingText839418280_771307304" style="display:none;"> a revenge...more

great movie... very enjoyable!!more

brow raising dialogues...more

Raw. Brutal. Beautiful.<br />Just the perfect blend of things I want in a film. Hat's off to Sneha Khanwalkar, the background music is just too brilliant. The worst part is that it's impossible to wait for the second part! From gunfights to humor, violence to romance, everything is just too perfect!<br />Highly <span id="remainingText876111051_771307304" style="display:none;"> recommended!more

Raw cinema that pushes the boundary for crime stories inspired by real incidents..... If RGV is reading this.... please learn a few stuff because GOW-1 makes Rakta Charitra Look like a movie made by a toddler... Excellent casting and performances by everyone... Hats of Anurag Kashyapmore

Reminiscent of Quentin Tarantino's style of raw classics. Kashyap made his point very clear and he is at his RAW best.more

if there was going to be a movie that would sweep the whole nation under their feet it would have to be an anurag kashyap film. cnt even describe how amazingly made n technically apt this film is..pure intense cinema at its best..out of the world performances add up to the spice...highly recommended for everybodymore

Sachme kehke le li!!!! What a cracker! Kashyap brings on the RAW deal of action packed period drama to Bollywood with a feast on the table. Indomitably the best of the year I would say, with power packed performances from almost EVERY actor. Bombshells galore as Richa Chadda KILLS it and Reena Sen glows; but HUMA <span id="remainingText869159812_771307304" style="display:none;"> QURESHI...oh well, not much in acting,...more

exceptionally BOLD n VIOLENT!!!...d best i 've ever had......added 2 my catalogue of classics!!more

Gangs of Wasseypur stands firmly on the grounds of direction, acting, screenplay, story-line, cinematography &#x26; music. Manoj Pandey has delivered an outstanding performance. The movie has to be rated &#x22;A&#x22; because of a lot of abuses (which implies, its not a family flick). But the essence of it is demanding and commendable. Everyone has done a splendid job. This one is not loose even for a minute. The most important...more

Anurag Kashyap's Gangs of Wasseypur is hardcore, ruthless, voilent, vulgur and full &quot;DESI&quot; movie. Its a movie that film-makers are afraid to make, even they want to.! <br />Its nothing but revenge tale, but in style.<br />Featuring a brilliant performances from each of the actor.<br />Its well written Gangster drama <span id="remainingText901163450_771307304"...more

The movie has a huge quota of blood shed and stomach wrenching scenes. There were scenes where i felt that i would throw up.<br><br>but still the movie is slick, fast and entertaining.<br><br>Movie spans from British India to modern day and surprisingly you don&#x27;t realise who is the protagonist with whom you need to sympathise and who is the antagonist.<br><br>all the characters are well defined. Hats...more

&#x200E;&#x27;Gangs of Wasseypur&#x27; is a visceral epic! Not the kind of regular rubbish that is churned out every now and then. Mr.Anurag Kashyap has brought us something that can be categorized with the likes of &#x27;The Godfather&#x27;.<br><br>Manoj Bajpayee is rocking and superbly supported by a fabulous Richa Chadda, Reema Sen and Piyush Mishra. And final cherry on the acting caked is Nawazzuddin as a...more

Watched &#x22;GANGS OF WASSEYPUR&#x22;. Movie is good. One time watchable. Starting is slow but after some time it catches the pace. Audiences were hard-core serious film lovers but they were enjoying the love scenes most. Yeah, love scenes are literally very entertaining and innovative. There were only eleven females among 160 audiences. Dialogues are THETH Bihari but enjoyable. Music score is also good especially the Womania...Music...more

It&#x27;s been a long time since a movie has come in bollywood which would make you say, once more. In the recent times bollywood has tried a lot with super heroes coming and flying, love stories with a western touch, awful sequels and horrifying remakes, but this gem from Anurag Kashyap truly deserves a 25 topo ki salami. The movie is set out in a never heard location where the coal mafia and our sweet politics have tied hands. It starts...more

Just watched this movie today on the day of release.Excellent background music throughout the movie. Excellent acting by Manoj Bajpayee &#x26; Richa Chaddha. Superb comedy and action. A movie you need to watch in theaters to enjoy it fully.Dabangg is nothing in front of this movie.This movie is just Entertainment,Entertainment and Entertainment.Had to choose between Teri Meri Kahani &#x26; Gangs of Wasseypur today. I am glad that we...more

Here it comes ..get set go . Boom boom boom kaboooom !! Welcome to other side of India, so rustic was the ambiance created that you wonder if it is the same India you belong to. I am going to take some time to absorb the stress. To be frank, I desperately need Yash Chopra&#x27;s goody goody movie dose to clear my hangover.<br><br>As with old Hollywood era, one side there were Tom Hank&#x27;s feel good movies and other side...more

I have just returned from the first day late night show of this movie (the first part) and it has totally blown me away. <br><br>The movie starts with a bang and carries the charm throughout. The way each character is introduced is terrific. It is story telling at its best. From Shahid Khan to Sardar Khan to Sultan, you actually end up fearing them all - the characters are so beautifully portrayed. Manoj Bajpai is amazing as Sardar...more

Premiering at Cannes, this was one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Maybe not for the Multiplex going, entertainment seeking audience but for people who actually care for gritty cinema. I, personally, have always been a fan of Anurag Kashyap, Manoj Bajpayee as well as Piyush Mishra. So, for me this movie was like cinematic heaven, before it even started.<br><br>It is a story unfolding through generations in Wasseypur,...more

I am a great movie buff, one of the greatest around. A great proclivity for cinema I have got. I have been a sincere fan of Martin Scorsese&#x27;s works, all of them. I believe that a great director can put all the elements of greatness in a movie and make it reach the epitome of cinema. He can set fire to water if there is a natural demand for it. Not the actors, but the directors have always given cinema a turnaround whenever...more

It has been nearly 5 years since I went and saw a movie first day first show in the theatres. But such was the level of anticipation with &#x22;gangs of wasseypur&#x22; that I found myself standing in front of the ticket counter at quarter to nine. The movie, which is 160 minutes long, starts with a shoot-them-up which may be the most authentic shoot-to-kill scene in Hindi cinema. The movie tells the story of rivalries between different...more

Guns of Wassyepur.<br><br>Bollywood very proudly flaunts badges like mindless entertainment, leave your brains behind comedy, potboiler, masala entertainer etc. The recent box office success of these films proves that there exists a larger population of people who step into the theatre to consume these films and most of them find it entertaining too.<br><br>Gangs of Wasseypur is Anurag Kashyaps Take your brains with you...more

Yes, its true.Scorsese and Tarantino are there in Bollywood too,Anurag Kashyap surely belongs to that class.A Movie which gives you the raw look of everything love,ambition,politics,revenge,comedy, this movie has everything in it.<br><br>I was expecting another disappointment with another Bollywood movie but right from first scene this movie blew me away. The story spans last seven decades of Indian history with events taking place...more

One of the most awaited movies of the year, the first part of Gangs of Wasseypur lives up to expectations. However, the only disappointing aspect of the movie is that one has to wait for the part two of the movie to see how the story unfolds. The movie is based at Wasseypur and other surrounding areas of Dhanbad. The time-line of the movie spans from early 1940s to early 1990s. The second part of the movie is expected to span from early 1990s...more

Anurag Kashyap is like the arrogant young college kid in DU who thinks he has seen all European classics and read the existential philosophers so he needs to be worshipped by the wannabes. Truth is, he is a pretentious filmmaker who got lucky because easier access to quality world cinema has changed the way we look, think and talk about the art. Sadly, no matter how hard he tries, his movies can never match the genius and greatness of works of...more

OK, Gangs of Wasseypur. Let me indulge in a few truisms. Yes, this is the greatest Hindi film of our generation. &#x27;Godfather meets Park Chan Wook&#x27; will be an unfair tag, and so will be to draw parallels with Tarantino or any other global contemporaries. This magnum opus is SO Indian, and only the genius of Anurag Kashyap could deliver an uninhibited, arrogant, dark, brutal, savage, larger-than-life revenge drama, taken to...more

Gangs of Wasseypur or Should i say Gangs of New York+ God Father + There will be bloood + Kill Bill !!! GOW, is highly overrated, with patchy script, long character development, loud and brash background score with an overdose of unnecessary expletives... Anurag Kashyap is no Scorcesse or Tarantino &amp; its about time he <span id="remainingText911818996_771307304" style="display:none;"> stopped behaving like one......more

Had all the potential to be an all time classic. But unnecessary scenes, dialogues, songs and the oh so long slow mos make this a very very very lengthy movie!!! On the bright side great dialogues and a potentially awesome storyline kinda atone for the stupidity. Cant help but see shades of a &quot;Godfather&quot; remake in this <span id="remainingText821361720_771307304" style="display:none;"> movie. The...more

A movie gets its due when it takes the audience along with it.Gangs of Wasseypur manages to go one step further,it grips you right from beginning till the end.A gripping narrative and a language so authentic and so raw,that you feel the lanes of Bihar right next to you.Populated with well etched out characters, clearly defined plot,wacky humor,Gangs of wasseypur keeps you on the edge of your sit.While some brazen soundtracks keeps you...more

It should be borne in mind that this movie is not like any other B-flick, the movie seems to be revolving around the tussle between the gangs of dhanbad(part of bihar), brilliant acting by all the characters,excellent dialogue deliveries... needless to say the hero of the film is ANURAG KASHYAP,reason being his marvellous direction and concept.. big fan!!!! he is turning out to be the QUENTIN Tarantino of the bollywood, the people who have...more

This movie is just brilliant. Brilliant story, excellent direction, wonderful acting and one of the finest background scores ever. Please go and see this movie and you will return smiling. Anurag Kashyap is one of the best directors of all times, the whole world combined. Bollywood has rarely seen movies this good. For me this is the bollywood flick of all times and can even be counted as one of the best movies made till date. It has got...more

The most important thing for a movie depicting real life events is the characterization. Every character has to fit in to the role he/she is given and kudos to Mr. Anurag Kashyap, he has done exactly as prescribed. The best part about the movie is that it&#x27;s action and the dark comedy never seemed unreal. The flow of the movie seemed perfect for a blend of action and reality. Acting was just perfect with every actor doing justice to...more

ALL 10 STARS!!!! This movie does not shy away from anything. It is bold and full of rage (as the title says it) with hint of subtle laughter after every 5mins. The music will take you to another level in every situation. Based on true incidents in the coal belt of India, this movie will show you the truth behind news and claims of our political leaders. It will show you the horror in which people lived during past 60 years in Dhanbad area. Go...more

Once in a lifetime Hindi movie bringing the amazing quality of &#x27;The Godfather&#x27; to Indian cinema in an entirely rural sense. We are not talking about the Italians here, it is the Pathans. <br><br>The only movie I have ever bought movie tickets for twice in the same week. <br><br>The direction, storytelling, acting, soundtracks, casting, all fit fantastically well...<br><br>You are left with...more

This movie was pathetic. If IMDb allows me, i would rate it 0/10. So many vulgar dialogs which makes no sense at all which includes the movie soundtrack as well and it was totally unnecessary. I guess that is the attraction for many viewers. Manoj Bajpai acted well and the direction was good but the way the story was presented was disgusting. The movie has been added with too much Mirch Masala and the worst part about it was the crowd in the...more

Very few movies are so good in all departments.<br><br>Script - Engaging, real, entertaining <br><br>Direction - Flawless <br><br>Dialogues - Cream of the movie (Go just for the dialogues alone if not anything else) <br><br>Performance - Outstanding from all actors. It never looks like acting. So real <br><br>Music - Heart of the storytelling. Compliments way too well. Love you Sneha...more

Bollywood movies are generally based on fantasy and imagination. Where the audience is made familiar with the characters which he &#x27;wishes&#x27; to be.<br><br>Gangs Of Wasseypur Adopts a different Approach.It makes the Audience identify with reality and makes familiar with the characters that &#x27;are&#x27; around him.<br><br>Being from wasseypur in dhanbad i was super excited to watch the movie...more

If there ever was a movie that gave a real feel of the crime in Bihar without actually having to be a part of the crime itself, it is this one. This story is the sort that needs to be seen and told at the same time - and it is how Anurag Kashyap chooses to go about his job. The beauty of the movie is that there is no single hero in this movie. Each character is imperfect and yet lends to the whole that is the movie. <br><br>While...more

An epic tale about loyalty, crime, lust, treachery and vendetta. A cinematic magnum opus.<br><br>Set in Dhanbaad&#x27;s(Jharkhand) Village, called Wasseypur, &#x22;Gangs of Wasseypur&#x22; starts with our very own &#x22;Kyunki Saas bhi bahu thi&#x22; and goes beyond the cinematic ethics. A saga which has all the ingredients of a cult cinema black humor, full mouthed characters, adultery, bullets, vengeance and...more

Every Human being on the earth has different shades/dimensions within themselves. Good, bad, sensitive, insensitive, fear, bravery, jealousy, courtesy, and the list is endless. Unfortunately, majority of the movies we see portray the characters as having only one dimension. And typically Indian Cinema is narrower in this aspect. From Indian cinema perspective there are only &#x22;good&#x22; and &#x22;bad&#x22; characters. Anurag...more

Anurag Kashyap&#x27;s ambitious Epic Gangs of Wasseypur is a lethally long and detailed view of the life of a single gangster family and not gangs exactly. <br><br>Spread across 7 decades and over three generations it tells an authentically made and wickedly enjoyable romp of violence, politics, power and sex.<br><br>The film begins in the early 40s with the genesis of the gangs getting formed between the Muslim...more

Anurag, dude, U have proved that you are the gem of this Indian Film Industry, and that too from Varanasi ;) Sardar Khan, This is what a Godfather in actual India looks like, a pretty normal looking, normal living human being with all the DESIPANA instilled in him. Have always believed Manoj Bajpayee and Anurag Kashyap work like a deadly combo (REMEMBER BHIKHU MHATRE ??? ) and this movie proves it yet again. Richa Chadha : lady, what an actress...more

Borrowing from The Godfather and Goodfellas, but with a flavour that is entirely Indian, Anurag Kashyap has crafted a vivid and shocking gangster saga. The film is at times a little over-indulgent and gimmicky, but for the most part the overt stylishness really works. The dialect is a little hard to follow, which <span id="remainingText915780922_771307304" style="display:none;"> probably diminished the experience for...more

Anurag Kashyap has just raised the bar so high for himself with this one. Outstanding story/script by Zeeshan, each frame beautifully captured by Rajeev Ravi and well placed background score. The movie (which spans 5hrs) is in two parts and if the first one is violent, the second instalment takes it to a different <span id="remainingText787038815_771307304" style="display:none;"> level. Tigmanshu Dhulia did a brilliant...more

Just unable to come out the madness of this flick had created over me...really Manoj Bajpayee and crew strike a thunder over the cold blooded cinema, as it seems for past some years..Really don&#x27;t know when I used so much of my mind, so much of clapping, so much of whistle, so much of laughing, and so much of intensity of myself for a Hindi Flick...really awesome..kudos to Anurag Kashyap...Even I feel doing praise of that film like this...more

Finally, watched Gangs of Wasseypur Part 1 (yeah it will be released in two parts in India, the total duration of the movie is near 5-6 hours). Had high expectations from Anurag Kashyap and this movie. So is it that good the way it was expected it to be? Yes, it is. Its brutal, filled with dark humor and terrific lines, powerful direction and an interesting plot. The whole movie belongs to Manoj Bajpai. He&#x27;s the real star in the movie....more

Its one those awesome movies ever made in Hindi cinema, which can be seen as path breaking. when I went in I expected something special, as had always been the case with anurag kashyap, but it gave me the extra bit too. The movie was thoroughly surveyed, based on the facts, and among it lied the fictional characters, were perfectly embedded in story. Manoj vajpayee as usaual was awesome,but other actors too have done their part very well. Still...more

An excellent movie by Anurag Kashyap who is compared to Christopher Nolan by many.The movie has everything with the Indian essence in it.Manoj Bajpai starring in movies like Satya and Pinjar has done an excellent job and proved why he is one of the best.Although the movie has not caught up the pace at the box office it is likely to do so in the coming days.Its been a long time since a movie on this issue has been released in India.The movie is...more

In an era where mediocrity is sold in the name of entertainment and an average cine-goer is relentlessly served mindless blockbusters, Gangs of Wasseypur is leaps and bounds ahead of its times be it in terms of direction, screenplay, performances or dialogues. <br><br>Anurag Kashyap once again stands out with this hard-hitting yet entertaining masterpiece, reaffirming his reputation and this one, in fact, catapults him into another...more

Present and past year of the Hindi Cinema had been dominated by movies that were complete crap,and when some of these shittiest movies bag awards,it surely makes one wonder whether the fellow Indians have completely lost touch with their senses that they will watch any crap that is released.However,once you watch this movie,your mind will simply be blown away. Believe me, I have never seen a movie with such realistic direction,acting and...more

Avoid this utter rubbish if you can unless you want to torture yourself.This movie is nothing but filth from the beginning to the end.The story line is absolutely scattered and wandering from one plot to another looks like someone was scribbling the screenplay while the shooting was ongoing,The audience in the hall was as confused they didn&#x27;t know if this was a comedy or a gangland movie,IMO and the way they were laughing at every...more

As expected from Anurag Kashyap,the movie has an in-depth direction. Small amateur things are highlighted which adds spice to the scene. The swear words are like the actor is himself given the right to add ON_SPOT swears. The story up till 4th generation embedding in just 2.5 hours is actually a achievement in itself. Tigmanshu Dhulia proves that good directors can also be excellent actors. The movie is actually a 5 hour 40 minutes and if it...more

Peckinpah and Tarentino are reincarnated in one director who remakes the Godfather trilogy in India with an amazing sense of humour and social and political awareness.<br /><br />The measure of a good film is that one thinks about it long after one has seen it. I have not stopped thinking about it. The Godfather Trilogy <span id="remainingText895954120_771307304" style="display:none;"> deals with how a...more

Gangs of Wasseypur is an epic crime saga which spans 3 decades from british rule of India to the present day. It's Anurag Kasyap's answer to the star cast nonsense which bollywood churns out in the name of romance,drama,crime,comedy or whatever genre trash bollywood has to present. <br />Narration is what guides the <span id="remainingText903758838_771307304" style="display:none;"> audience through the...more

@WasseypurWorld : In between its running there a scene where Sardar Khan asks Ramadhir Singh &quot;Majja aah raha hai Majja aah raha hain???&quot; he is actually asking the audience :)<br />#GANGSOFWASSEYPUR is an epic tale of revenge and crime. The writing and direction is so tight that you won't notice its run-time which is <span id="remainingText892992991_771307304" style="display:none;"> about 160...more

'Gangs of Wasseypur'. The vicious cycle of violence, ambition and love in this sprawling, masterfully told epic! What an end to the Sydney Film Festival.<br /><br />I've sat through way too many two hour films that have been an absolute drag. Gruelling, tiring affairs that have made me weary and wary of long runtimes. <span id="remainingText891838614_771307304" style="display:none;"> This was...more

A return to form for Anurag Kashyup. Not as brilliant as his Satya's script, this is one of the very few movies from the hindi cinema I have enjoyed. And the part 2 is still to come. Some argue that it is not part of the mainstream hindi cinema. Well with the people who were involved in the making of it, it does sound <span id="remainingText805083077_771307304" style="display:none;"> like it was birthed there. I...more

Gangs of Wasseypur makes me remember of Scorsese's 'Goodfellas'. Remember how the trio of Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta were exposed, playing decades in crime. Remember, how quickly the brutal temper of Joe Pesci who burst, and most specially remember the scene of 'Billy Bates situation'. In one view Gangs <span id="remainingText912765297_771307304" style="display:none;"> of Wasseypur...more

Finally, watched Gangs of Wasseypur Part 1 (yeah it will be released in two parts in India, the total duration of the movie is near 5-6 hours). Had high expectations from Anurag Kashyap and this movie. So is it that good the way it was expected it to be? Yes, it is. Its brutal, filled with dark humor and terrific <span id="remainingText852511171_771307304" style="display:none;"> lines, powerful direction and an...more

Gory, violent and shades of macabre. The movie oscillates between numerous shades of entertainment and never boring.<br /><br />at the end of approximately what seemed like 3 hours you feel that they should start the 2nd part too... as you really dont want to get off from that seat without knowing what finally happened <span id="remainingText930787998_771307304" style="display:none;"> at the end...<br...more

GANGS OF WASSEYPUR<br /><br />PERFECT PLOT, PERFECT SCREENPLAY, PERFECT DIRECTION, PERFECT CAST<br /><br />a must watch for those who looks for a MATURE &amp; SENSIBLE &amp; GOOD CINEMA &amp; for those who wanna laugh &amp; HOOT too in a MULTIPLEX...<br /><br />this movie provides a lot to the audiences.. BOLD STREET SLANGS like &quot;tu hmri <span...more

Absolute Cult. Violent, Dark humor &amp; enjoyable.more

When Quentin Tarantino's sense for brutal violence and a gripping script is combined with<br />Francis Ford Coppola's eye for detail , research and an imbibing narrative the product<br />would be a Classic Gang/Mafia film and that is exactly what Gangs Of Wasseypur manages to be.<br />Anurag Kashyap is inspired by both <span id="remainingText907968807_771307304" style="display:none;">...more

Gangs of Wasseypur is a sprawling 5-1/2 hour epic that manages to hold your attention throughout its running time while bombarding you with hoards of explosive characters that walk in and out of the messy narrative structure. But the story is so strong, the execution so entertaining and engaging that you look past all <span id="remainingText796472799_771307304" style="display:none;"> the flaws and enjoy this shocking...more

One of the best bollywood I've ever seen!more

Classic movie.. No flaws whatsoever.. u wont get bored for even a minute... Abuses &amp; violent scenes are there but its requirement of the story,,, Must watch :)more

Anurag is re-defining indian cinema.more

Permison leni chahiye na...more

Awesome hindi gangster flickmore

Better than brilliant but falls short of Great , little long and little indulgentmore

worth to watch..........more

i m sure this movie wil win film fare..more

A wonderful piece of art and entertainment.more

Anurag's Mixed Kill Bill with our Tamil Movie Subramanipuram ..and Put Up This Gangster Movie..At Times Amazing at times Boring..Waiting to See The Ending Actually !!more

Anurag Kashyap....the only good thing about bollywood delievers yet again! Keh ke li! waiting for the sequel!more

A good movie as it has no songs, no shots of Switzerland, no overacting and no bimbets. Think Godfather moves from NYC to Jharkhand/ Bihar and you will enjoy the moviemore


Wow!! what a brilliant film, incredible film making, Anurag Kashyap is just getting better and better with each film, highly recommend!!!more

Part 1 released in India - and was a good watch - Direction was very good,with solid performances by the leads - however its heavy on abuse and violence.<br />Part 2 is all set to release in August and by the look of trailers - looks more promising.more

A masterpiece movie by Anurag Kashyap with a great storyline and direction. Hats-off performance by the whole cast, especially Manoj Bajpai. Music is excellent Its truly epic indian movie.more

The movie, based on a true story, is intriguing right from the beginning till the end and you can't really predict up with how the things will turn out to be. Great piece of work.more

&agrave;&brvbar;&agrave;&sect;&agrave;&brvbar;&curren;&agrave;&sect;,&agrave;&brvbar;â1;&agrave;&brvbar;â2; &agrave;&brvbar;&cedil;&agrave;&brvbar; 3/4&agrave;&brvbar; (R)&agrave;&brvbar;â2;&agrave;&brvbar; 3/4&agrave;&brvbar;&curren;&agrave;&sect; &agrave;&brvbar;&uml;&agrave;&brvbar;...more

i m sure this movie wil win film fare..more

I am giving this movie 11/10. Yes. Do I really need to write a review? This is what happens when Anurag Kashyap decides to roll up his sleeves and REALLY do the dirty work. I will not single out any single actor, because ALL of them are brilliant, but the top 2 - Manoj Bajpayee and Tigmanshu Dhulia - deserve a very <span id="remainingText792102179_771307304" style="display:none;"> special mention, along with the ladies,...more

It started off really well, but lost its track halfway.<br />How a 2 men gang with only a knife can threaten a huge rival gang of 50+ with automatic weapons is still beyond me.more

good beginning, gets a bit boring later, hopefully to set it up for the second part.more

Another masterpiece from Anuragji, mind blowing dialogues and sensitive direction. This movie is truly the Mahabharata of Wasseypur.more

Picture this: you've walked into a cinema possessing the absolute bare minimum of information about the film you're supposed to be watching. Essentially, what you know is based on the poster printed alongside the day's cinema listings, which proclaimed Gangs Of Wasseypur to be a &quot;savagely funny&quot; Hindi crime drama that <span id="remainingText900685673_771307304" style="display:none;"> had...more

The plot,characters,background score,screenplay,performance ,everything is amazing...Now why 3 and a half stars...just because of the build up of the movie....where you think that some more cropping could have been done on the editing table...! otherwise great .....more

its becoz of directors lyk anurag kashyap u cn xpect bollywood movies to hv some international standards... GOW is some really leathal stuff from this man .. may it b the make-up of a character or the accuracy of acting and dialogues...he has defined the term 'realistic' for bollywood..more

too much hype for an OK moviemore

Gory, violent, loads of bloodshed yet sensational. Who says we can't make a movie like &quot;City of God&quot;. This is our version City of God and it is a better one. Even Martin Scorsese would be proud of the bloodshed and violence in Gangs of Wasseypur. Three and half stars for GOW, a must watch.more

Such detailing cannot be seen in any other Bollywood films.<br />Loved the actors and actresses.<br />The film can be compared to the likes of Godfather I &amp; II.more

Anurag Kashyap's sprawling epic saga on three generations of a crime family in Bihar is filled with lots of awesome, twisted set-pieces topped up with rip-roaring dialogues, splendid performances and earthy music and cinematography, but don't be insistent on a wholesome story.more

Best movie of the yearmore

Does have its moments... still didn't find it as good as was being made out to be...more

Gangs of Wasseypur, is a film about the relationship of human mind, with violence, as a means of expression and purpose. Set-up across almost a hundred years, in the town of wessaypur, moving across three main powerful groups, sharing a relationship of hate, and want to project the hate, openly, in the form of <span id="remainingText868714514_771307304" style="display:none;"> violence. If you want to hear some real raw...more

A gangster flick that failed to click. With me, that is. Hope the sequel would be better, and more worthwhile than this not-so-engaging chaos. Not being a professional critic grants me an immunity from the obligation of rating an Anurag Kashyap venture at least 3/5. (Can afford the freedom of arrogance for the time <span id="remainingText846056139_771307304" style="display:none;"> being, although arrogance has played no...more

An enthralling and bloody look at three generations of a crime family in Bihar, India. Full of beautifully choreographed action sequences and some incredible one liners. It certainly raises the bar for what Indian cinema should strive to achieve.more

And you thought Slum dog millionaire was a good movie, wait till you see this.more

Based on true events, this epic saga of Indian mafia is superbly written by Zeishan and filmed by Anurag Kashyap. It digs roots of evil in history and connects it to contemporary drama. Although it involves foul language and gore, its never feels extravagant. Also silent role of women in male dominated profession is <span id="remainingText910520720_771307304" style="display:none;"> beautifully captured. Thank you Mr....more

Definite-ly Pulpendiculul!more

Great Movie. Every character was so good i won't forget them.. Seriously.. A movie which makes me compare Anurag Kashyap with the likes of Quentin Tarantino.. Great Creativity, Perfection.. A nice roller coaster ride full of Chills and Thrills.. And a soundtrack Complementing the Awesomeness of the Movie.. Totally <span id="remainingText857272483_771307304" style="display:none;"> worth watching a zillion times.more

Picture this: you've walked into a cinema possessing the absolute bare minimum of information about the film you're supposed to be watching. Essentially, what you know is based on the poster printed alongside the day's cinema listings, which proclaimed Gangs Of Wasseypur to be a &quot;savagely funny&quot; Hindi crime drama that <span id="remainingText900685673_771307304" style="display:none;"> had...more

Psrt onr rocks. Waiting for the more...more

amazing! electrifying!!! another powerhouse film from kashyap.more

Not as good as I expected...the 1st half seems like a documentary.2nd half picked the pace...GOW2 seems promising..more

Day: Wednesday<br />Date: 15 Aug 2012<br />Time: 11.00 pm<br />With: No one<br />On: Laptop<br /><br />Current India on Independence Daymore

Just watched it, nothing that great so far the story of 3 generations with loads of blood and coal :)more

Its Anurag Kashyap's materpiecemore

will never forget that one-take shot that runs for almost 10mins when Faizal Khan escapes from his house during the shootout... a marvelous piece of work from the Master ... Take a thousand bows Mr Kashyap :Dmore

This is the best bollywood movie i have ever seen,honestly it took my breath awaymore

Epic tale from Indian cinema, its almost like savouring a fine wine as it grows on you. I loved every character and look forward to Part 2 eagerly!more

Just one word ..... Epic.. Nawazuddin and Manoj bajpaye are awesomemore

Dint give it a full 5 cos i lost track of the numerous characters in this truly EPIC movie.more

just saw the screening at the Sydney film festival. Its definitely one of the best Hindi movies ever made. Direction, screenplay, narration, acting, music, cinematography, everything about this movie is top notch. Anurag Kashyap is truly the best at whatever he does. You wont even feel the length of 5 hours and 20 <span id="remainingText903784761_771307304" style="display:none;"> minutes. Manoj Bajpai's has proved...more

Mr. kashyap latest outings into film directing are once again epic and breath taking...........gangs of wasseypur could be compared to the godfather with regards to some aspects , but things are really messy here and thats the difference........ where in the godfather there is much sophistication to their method and <span id="remainingText908141342_771307304" style="display:none;"> violence...... wasseypur is a...more

100% review proof<br /><br />STATUTORY WARNING: This reviewer will not delve too much into the story of the movie on review, reckons a one line description will do just fine. For filmophiles who have suffered for years at the hands of sadistic reviewers including yours truly, all SPOILERS are at the end i.e. are only for <span id="remainingText913521428_771307304" style="display:none;"> those already done...more

Always admire Kashyap's ability to juxtapose the reprehensible with the beautiful. A wonderful cast of underutilized actors in Bollywood is put to great use here, with a tight screenplay. Kashyap has re-established himself as a true visionary, but as all his films do, this one also left me a bit cold. His films are <span id="remainingText783776852_771307304" style="display:none;"> more intellect than heart, I...more

I had a chance to experience Gangs Of Wasseypur Pt1 &amp; 2 at TIFF festival. It's a brilliant gangster flick from India. If you can't stomach violent movies please don't watch it. Makes scarface look like child's play. The almost 6hrs movie fly by quicker than most 2hr movies I've seen.more

Anurag Kashyap's story telling is always different and entertaining. But this one is not as good as it is being reviewed by critics. I thought violence could have been converted to gore. It is being said that 2nd part is much more entertaining...will have to watch itmore

Its a well cast movie with an interesting narration, suitable production design and engrossing screenplay! Recommended!more

Using his Old Technique of Filming in Tracking Shots and Using Neophyte Casts , Anurag kashyap once again brings another Dark flick that keeps you the edge of the seat despite lame acting from cast. With numerous Casting and long length of the film , movie revolves around the life of gangsters since time of <span id="remainingText838985856_771307304" style="display:none;"> independence, filled with unending gunshots ,...more

The sequel to Gangs of Wasseypur starts with the death of Sardar Khan (Manoj Bajpai). We see him getting caught in a barrage of gunshots and finally succumbing to it. The scene of his funeral is comical to a certain extent with a singer with an unusual voice singing a famous Hindi number. Immediately after this scene, <span id="remainingText936117946_771307304" style="display:none;"> we are taken back to the gruesome...more

someday, all bollywood movies should be atleast this good.more

amazingly well made! music is refreshing.more

something that i was waiting for a long long timemore

kia keh kay li hai bhi wah.more

best film ever made in indian cinemamore

Pretty good gangster flick!more

Visually thrilling, Rocking performances &amp; engaging.GOW is ofcourse one of d flick of recent times from bollywood Bt its so entertaning dat its impossible not to watch repeatedly.I hve got a chance just to watch part 1 &amp; waiting for part 2 of dis cult film whose dark scenes &amp; characters r still haunting me..Go for it..more

Unlike the Hollywood 'inspired' movies made by most mainstream Indian moviemakers, Gangs of Wasseypur works well within the Indian milieu as Anurag pays homage to the works of Sergio Leone, Quentin Tarantino and Fatih Akin. <br /><br />Perhaps it has the finest cast in a single Indian movie I've seen in the last decade. <span id="remainingText803475573_771307304" style="display:none;"> The...more

Crime movie at its best. Revenge, blood, deceit, guns, gangs, wars, politics and dialogues. All of this in native Bihari dialect. Epic. Even though the genre is similar to other crime movies produced in India, the originality however lies in the story. A tale of revenge that runs in the family, three generations down <span id="remainingText890924657_771307304" style="display:none;"> thereby unleashing a wave of...more

One of the best Indian movies in recent time, this movie will be remembered years from now as a milestone in Indian cinema. An epic story of revenge that starts in the 1940's and sees it thrilling conclusion in 2004, this movie is a rollercoaster ride of politics &amp; gang rivalry. The acting is flawless and the <span id="remainingText802989046_771307304" style="display:none;"> direction is brilliant. The...more

Gangs of Wasseypur directed by Anurag Kashyap may have a similar story to those of Bollywood crime movies,but his direction,the taut screenplay and powerful performances makes this worth-watching!more

A very well made gangster of the few movies in which you can say that part 2 was better than part 1.....An epic Indian Gangster flick.......really enjoyed watching it.Language may b a problem for few......A MUST WATCH!!!!more

An Indian cinematic masterpiece !!more

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k bottom_divider"> <img src="" width="50" height="50" class="media_block_image" alt="c0up" /> <div class="media_block_content fl name"> c0up <p> <span class="icon profile superreviewer">more

Anurag Kashyap has a way of making movie that may come easily to him but is highly elusive for other current directors of India. This movie is not about making an Indian version of Godfather or gangster movies of yore. It is refreshingly original and true to its roots, be it&#x27;s cinematography, music or even the acts. This movie has its own sense of comedy, drama, violence and it wont disappoint you. Dialogues as well as music is there...more

I have watched some of the legendary movies from Hollywood and the elements which makes them legendary is what I find with Gangs of Wasseypur. <br><br>It is : 1. The honesty in depiction of a story with suitable characters and adherence to the plot. 2. Not succumbing to the temptation of attracting large family audience to earn more money. 3. Showing what is exact, without any cosmetic changes.<br><br>Anurag Kashyap had...more

Very few movies are so good in all departments.<br><br>Script - Engaging, real, entertaining <br><br>Direction - Flawless <br><br>Dialogues - Cream of the movie (Go just for the dialogs alone if not anything else) <br><br>Performance - Outstanding from all actors. It never looks like acting. So real <br><br>Music - Heart of the storytelling. Compliments way too well. Love you Sneha...more

One of the best movies I have ever come across. Unlike other Indian movies this movie gives attention to all the small aspects that matter and grabs the attention of viewer at every moment. This movie is full of entertainment that you would get after watching 5 to 6 movies put together. Acting by most of the characters if not all is nothing short of legendary. Definitely the best movie of Indian cinema. Manoj Vajpai should definitely get the...more

Anurag is truly the face of modern Indian cinema. And he has proved it yet again. The characters are lively and gullible. The other day I was watching a promo session of this movie where the director has narrated exactly what should be expected from it and he is right. A simple regular story with lots of color in it. One can laugh his/her colon out if watching this post full meal. Then again a serious touch remains throughout. All the actors...more

Watched Gangs of Wasseypur last night.<br><br>A terrific experience.Film-making at its best.Brilliant performances by little known actors.<br><br>Every actor lived his/her role.<br><br>No Khans and Kumars to ruin the movie with their overshadowing star images.<br><br>Its truly a global movie.Every Hollywood magazine gave thumps up to this movie when screened in Cannes film...more

Well i watched this movie with half heart as my friends want to see it.Though i like the movies of Anurag kashyap.I am not impressed by its trailers.But when i watched this movie in theatre first thing which was shocking was the theatre was houseful.I thought only me n my friends will be there in theatre but it made me wrong. Second thing was the acting of not only the main lead Manoj bajpai but all other actors acted superbly.Even the smallest...more

To be honest, I&#x27;ve never been a fan of traditional Indian movies with the cheesy love stories and frustrating songs. This movie was a breath of fresh air. <br><br>It&#x27;s good to see filmmakers take a more rational and smart approach and really bring out a story in a way it&#x27;s supposed to be told. There was much more art in this movie than any other Hindi movie I&#x27;ve seen in a really long...more

The movie was presented very honestly by Anurag, as said in the disclaimer movie is based on the story and report heard from the people and read in local news paper. And this fact was reflecting in the movie and presented really well.<br><br>Although a lot of efforts were made to give a look and feel of Jharkhand, a common Jharkhand man like me will still find it hard to be connected with the cinematography of the movie. Music will...more

Wel my 1st Choice for this years national award goes to Paan singh Tomar. but no disrespect to Gangs of Wasseypur. These 2 movies have set New Benchmark for the Upcoming movies, this surely will stop the trend of Watching crappy Emotional love stories in Bollywood. Hope Karan Johar comes up with some good movies next time. What awesome songs, what acting, what dialogues, it just blew me away.<br><br>I am a hunter and She want to see...more

Screenplay, cinematography, character selection, story telling and direction at a new high with this Anurag Kashyap artwork. After a long long time (of course excluding the likes of Shyam Benegal, Meera Nair only to name a few), here is a director who has produced something wonderful out of small but brutal village incidents . The actors simply seem to fit perfectly into the roles been offered. Every actor has done justice to the character he...more

A much awaited and anticipated movie of the year, well as i went in to watch the movie, the flick starts with gunshots and carries gunshots throughout the story lane, the base of the story is genuine and after watching this part you can&#x27;t wait to watch the next part. the movie will keep you on your seats till it ends. the best thing or character in the movie is manoj bajpai, Great job one of the best of his career. his dialogues, his...more

Kashyap Brothers are the new Dabangg of Bollywood. This movie will win the Oscar in best foreign language film. This movie will be in the nominations this year. This is bigger and a lot better than Sholay. You can just play the dialogues and enjoy the movie. I have seen this 3 times and want to see it several times by now. As many times I see it I just feel Real and nothing Reel. Its so interesting. As many times I see it I feel that I have...more

One of the worst films I&#x27;ve ever nearly sat through. Can&#x27;t believe it&#x27;s Anurag Kashyap&#x27;s film!<br><br>I am seriously wondering how is this averaging 8.6 out of 10 on IMDb? Seriously? I feel sorry for people who can&#x27;t see through the filth...<br><br>When the movie started it looked like it&#x27;s going to be a neat documentary-like film about that region of India, but...more

GOW (part 1 n 2) is total entertainer. Even after the days of watching the movie, u cant forget the dialogues, characters, etc. The best part is that the dialogues of the movie was not written. It was like an extempore for the actors. For me Definite(Zeishan Quadri) was amazing. Superb story and acting by him. The makers of this film paid attention to every small things which happens in Bihar. All the dialogues, behavior, characterization was...more

This is my first review of any movie.<br><br>The Gang of Wasseypur movie is very well written and directed. Manoj Bajpai(Sardar Khan) acting is brilliant. This is a story of two Muslim communities i.e. Qureshi and Khan. After partition (separation of Pakistan and India), a coal mine was purchased by a Indian businessman named Tigmanshu Dhulia(Ramadhir Singh) from British Government. Ramadhir Singh hired a hit man to take care of his...more

. The movie travels you back to the time as even the details of the way houses and gullies used to be at that time looks of that era. The film takes time to pick up the pace initially especially till the time the central character of Sardar Khan played by talented Manoj Bajpayee enters . He doesn&#x27;t shine as the hero of the movie but he is an ordinary man with enough guts to take up the mighty dhoti clad politician cum businessman...more

Through out my life i have been criticizing the works of Indian directors, and i never relished any of the movies, except for the few.<br><br>I have lived in Bihar for quite some time, and i have a very good understanding of the culture, accent, aptitude, and the modus operandi, and what more can be presented at this level its difficult to imagine.<br><br>This movie thrills, jolts, and above all keeps you guessing and...more

Anurag Kashyap stands for the rebel in Indian cinema. He knows it too. Black Friday, Dev.D, Gulaal give him every reason in the world to be proud of his tag. This feeling is clearly reflected in Gangs of Wasseypur, which turns out to be his most ambitious &#x26; financed project ever. He works with his long-time friends, Manoj Bajpayee, Tigmanshu Dhulia and others, deciding to make a film which does not fall into the clich&#xE9; of...more

Anurag Kashyap&#x27;s &#x27;Gangs of Wasseypur&#x27; is An Interesting Film with Terrific Performances! Kashyap, known for off-beat films, this time attempts to deliver a story that can be termed as his most &#x22;commercial&#x22; flick to date. And even though this 1st installment isn&#x27;t flawless, its absorbing &#x26; supremely acted nevertheless.<br><br>&#x27;Gangs of Wasseypur&#x27;...more

one word for people who wonder why it rates above 8 on IMDb is - if you make films which are real they will hit the target. This movie is about real people REAL LANGUAGE real stupidity and at time real humor. It provides insight for everyone into rural lower and middle class who travel in local train and still go to Melas ! wear floral print shirts and have attitude to die for.<br><br>watch it once and i can bet you want to travel...more

if i knew before that this is what i am gonna get in the next two and a half hour i would have never wasted my time watching this film!<br><br>seriously besides some nice acting by Manoj Bajpai, there is nothing left to see in this film. they just pulled the film without any reason. lots of characters. always got confused between who&#x27;s who? there&#x27;s no specific target in this film. in most cases they just jumped...more

Bloody Brilliance in every scene throughout the run time. It ensures to shock and delight the audience simultaneously. Its Anurag Kashyap&#x27;s best work till date after &#x22;Black Friday&#x22;. It&#x27;s a break through in Indian main stream cinema. I feel myself blessed for being a audience to this quirky, dark, highly amusing and straight on the face brilliant Film.<br><br>The Cast, Sneha Khanwalkar&#x27;s...more

WOW!!! I think this one word sums up this movie. It&#x27;s been a long time since I watched such an entertaining Bollywood movie, packed with such brilliant story line and awesome performances by all the cast, especially Manoj Bajpai, who once again proves how versatile he is as an actor. Brilliant dialogues, delivered with great panache. Another feather in the hat of Anurag Kashyap who has given great movies, such as Paanch, Dev D, Gulal,...more

Gangs Of Wasseypur 2 is an outstanding film like the previous one, actually I wanted to watch both the parts together and then review it...<br><br>Manoj Bajpai had done an excellent job in part one.<br><br>Nawazuddin Siddiqui was good in part one and brilliant in part two. He has done full justice to his role, his character is dark and devious, at the same time he&#x27;s romantic and funny, Nawazuddin plays it...more

I enjoyed the movie which takes off a bit like the Doordarshan documentary of the yore which is made tolerable only by the rasping narration of that genius Piyush Mishra. The historical narrative was really unnecessary and could have been dramatically played out in a shorter frame. It not only prolonged the movie but also delayed the development of the main plot, speaking of which I was a tad disappointed. A movie is an audio visual narration...more

Gangs of wasseypur(A)---------Rating: 3/5 GOOD<br><br>*It is a crime drama with true events taken place in wasseypur... *Manoj bajpai was great and his acting was realistic.... *Music was average but G.V prakash background music was awesome.... *Direction is superb i enjoyed each and every frame but the movie feels sleepy and must have more patience to watch this type of a drama....<br><br>-Movie is very lengthy and...more

There are few who thinks and do, a number of years ahead, of the current time ... Anurag Kashyap is one of them and this movie proofs it again... Movie is awesome and the dialogue and screen play is as remarkable as one can ever imagine.... A MUST WATCH for every adult but please do not go with your family ....It make some there (like me) feel awkward... The screen play is as realistink as it can be and dialouges feel like bullets to one.....more

Co-written and directed by Anurag Kashyap, this film will probably propel the filmmaker into the ranks occupied by the likes of Coppola and Scorsese in crafting Mafia styled epics, filled with the themes of brotherhood, revenge, betrayal, sex and violence. Showcased at this year&#x27;s Cannes Directors&#x27; Fortnight with its sequel screened back to back, Kashyap has brought forth a sprawling, three generation span long tale of the...more

that is what the entire bollywood industry should do - bow to this movie. all these years bollywood has been churning out me too movies with fake western wannabe characters and music and dance and I practically stopped watching this cr@p every since I was around 16.<br><br>GoW shows what real authentic Indian cinema can be, what it should have been - mind bogglingly rich in colors and smell and taste and overwhelming - just like...more

An epic tale about loyalty, crime, lust, treachery and vendetta. A cinematic magnum opus.<br><br>Set in Dhanbaad&#x27;s(Jharkhand)Village, called Wasseypur, &#x22;Gangs of Wasseypur&#x22; starts with our very own &#x22;Kyunki Saas bhi bahu thi&#x22; and goes beyond the cinematic ethics. A saga which has all the ingredients of a cult cinema like black humor, full mouthed characters, adultery, bullets,vengeance and...more

The good thing for the film was its screening in two parts. It&#x27;s not that you will not like the film for 5 hours but there are a few moments when you might feel bored. Now about the film I would say that this is the only film that I can remember now, the characters of which you would bond so much. Making such a long film is a great risk and that was worth it. The story is purely based on revenge. What these 5 hours has made us feel in...more

Well I don&#x27;t know from where to start talking about this movie. I saw the entire 5+ hours of this movie in one go at the osian&#x27;s film festival last night (4th Aug 2012). I have seen a lot of movies from the international cinema and have always wondered about when will India throw such movies out. I wanna put my hands down and say that finally India has thrown one. This movie is as cult as it gets. You get to see the real India...more

This is the best movie by actors performance till date in my view. After seeing this I thought that where the today&#x27;s Bollywood actors stand in front of the actors of this movie. Expressions of the actors and effects used are very realistic. Also this movie tells a very long story and thus entertains more than other movies. Many actors of the movie are seeing for the first time on a major film but have done a job far better than...more

I assume that most of the Bollywood Fans were sick of so-so movies. We waited long for good movies this year. Few movies may have earned handsomely but it&#x27;s not a great cinema.<br><br>The year started with two Good Movies, Kahani and Pan Singh Tomar and was a blissful delight.<br><br>Gangs of Wasseypur is what you called an overwhelming delight to watch. Right from first cut till the end the eyes were glues to...more

This is definitely one of the few movies in Bolywood that creates an impact on the viewers. Its based on true incidents that happened in Wasseypur. The people who say this movie is a crap definitely did not understand the movie properly. Anurag Kashyap at his best (Don&#x27;t ask who is he. Thats the dumbest question to ask after watching the movie.)Manoj Bajpayee at his best after his memorable performance in &#x22;Satya&#x22;. But...more

With run-of-the-mill movies without any tight script and good screenplay doing so well at the Box Office, we have a genuine director who risks making a bold movie with handful of cuss words and lots of violence. Mr. Kashyap has already proved himself by making Gulaal and Dev D, and here is another piece of cinema brilliantly crafted to perfection.<br><br>Gangs Of Wasseypur is a revenge saga spanning more than six decades. From 1941...more

This is a fascinating film. There are innumerable characters who you might easily forget between two scenes, but like with the legendary &#x22;McGuffins&#x22;, you can subsist without knowing everything about every character. The story is set in, and is about, Bihar. The language is coarse, but beautiful, as the dialects from up there are. Manoj Bajpai is Sardar Khan who has revenge on his mind. Or so he says, for he takes a longer time...more

The opening scene drives the nail in, and pushes it out through the other side. Unflinchingly real and gutsy, gives us a rare glimpse into the gang wars of the rural heartland. Anurag Kashyap has shown us exactly what he intended to, without worrying much about critics, censors, reviews etc. Independent filmmaking at its best. Characters look like they&#x27;ve been recruited, right out of the gangs themselves. However, it&#x27;s not a...more

Art movie, Commercial movie or Sci-fi..You get all (Sci-fi coming with the science of bomb making :-)) I couldn&#x27;t stop watching this movie in spite of aching back, tired eyes, mid night. Got me hooked. Every actor has done over the top no where you could feel if it was a film..As if you are watching out of your window (if you are or were living in such a place).<br><br>For me this is one of Manoj&#x27;s best...more

-----------<br><br>Donot miss out on this movie..... Script is so well written that though it appears as though Manoj Bajpai carries the movie on his shoulders but it isn&#x27;t so ..... The 3 performances that stand out are Manoj Bajpai, absolutely hilarious as well as gruesome and his best work till date , and then Piyush Mehra, another great performance from him after Gulaal, always a treat to watch him in such characters,...more

GANGS OF WASSEYPUR also tries to walk on that thin line between the meaningful and entertaining cinema which in fact turns out to be a worth watching project due to its execution, performances, music and dialogues, but at the same time doesn&#x27;t has anything fresh to offer in terms of concept, storyline or script. <br><br>Following the path already discovered in Hindi Cinema by Ram Gopal Varma in his Rakt Charitra Part 1...more

The splitting headache I got after watching this excruciatingly long movie was nothing compared to the one I&#x27;m currently having on seeing this feature film make IMDb&#x27;s top 250. This movie relies on a few basic rules that make the majority of Indians go crazy but sadly, I didn&#x27;t see it. Reason&#x27;s why my friends liked it: 1. Yaar it&#x27;s cult. 2. That dialogue about asking for hand-holding permission was...more

I was first alerted of this movie by the sheer waves it was making in the Cannes Film Festival, and for the very obvious reason that it featured the hugely talented maverick director, Anurag Kashyap who had already carved a niche for himself by virtue of his brilliant direction in many unconventional, &#x22;art&#x22; films. The other reason was that one of my favourite actors, Manoj Bajpayee(one of those rare Indian actors who actually...more

I saw this movie on DVD last week. I had heard about this movie and had liked the promos. Usually, I like these kind of movies that are not commercial and then have characters that are based in real location. I must say that I am disappointed after having just seen only the part one. Movie looked very disjointed to me. The characters didn&#x27;t seem real. The rise in power of various characters seemed very unnatural to me. Manoj Bajpayee...more

Kashyap was definitely serious about this... but that somehow didn't translate into anything remotely interesting.more

Delicious Revenge drama with fabulous musical score although tad self-indulgent! Nonetheless, Anurag Kashyap, you are a game changer!more

decent watch, not greatmore

Anurag Kashyap does a Godfather for the bollywood, and does it well.more

A Indian adaptation of Godfather in rural backdrop. A good film.more

A very nice movie but has lot of gore and blood shed.. only for mature audiences who love to watch Anurag Kashyap genre of movies.more

A revenge saga well scripted and directed by Anurag Kashyap.more

Given the hype around the movie. it was the most horrible movie I saw, the plot just dragged on, the romantics parts were bad, to summarize, there was nothing good about the movie. Luckily I saw it on flight between Bangalore and Delhi, so nothing lostmore

The best film of the year 2012 ,amazing cast and performance .It spans over a period , watching the entire 6 hr film is experience of lifetime. The characters are so real that we are able to feel the anger, ego and their want for power.A revenge saga that span several decades. A must watch !more

finally got to see the movie sequel. Liked it good!!more

Kunal Guha
One of the reasons why Slumdog Millionaire was a global explosion was because it meticulously recorded and reported on the underbelly of Mumbai in a way that you could not just see but also experience the proceedings on the screen. This doesn’t mean that when you go to watch ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, the usher would come and stab you silly or the popcorn vendor would hold a bucket to your chest to buffer...more

Taran Adarsh
Anurag Kashyap is in receipt of enthusiastic evaluations for GANGS OF WASSEYPUR, prior to the film's theatrical release in India. Subsequent to its unveiling at Cannes this year, GANGS OF WASSEYPUR has harvested buoyant acknowledgment, is fervently anticipated and highly estimated. The film has been prized by assessors for its authoritative and engaging plot, vengeance being its nucleus subject...more

Madhureeta Mukherjee
ttle">Gangs of Wasseypurvar msnsyn='Sweeping story of gangs fighting over the coal capital of the country, where rivalry and revenge cut deep, and ‘coal’-blooded crimes are second nature. Shahid Khan is betrayed, and his sons and grandsons swear to avenge his dishonour and death.'; The Critic has posted comments on this MovieMadhureeta Mukherjee, TNN, Jun 21, 2012,...more

Saibal Chatterjee
Rollicking and riotous aren’t adjectives one normally associates with a gangster film. But that is precisely what Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur is. The smartly filmed vendetta saga tosses and turns convulsively from one shootout to another as a bunch of amoral human bloodhounds sniff around for their next kill in a volatile, lawless landscape. The unbridled violence and fetid language –...more

Gangs Of Wasseypur (GOW) opens with a brilliant sequence. A bunch of hooligans attack a kothi with automatics, bullets spraying across, dust flying, the silence of the night pierced by gunfire. Somewhere a cell phone rings. ‘Nayak nahi Khalnayak hoon main’ is the ringtone. The year is 2004. You are hooked. From there on, though, GOW seesaws between incredible highs and where-the-hell-is-this-going...more

Roshni Devi
Gangs Of Wasseypur is a tale of vengeance, violence and greed that takes place in the hinterlands of India. Read the review for more. What’s Good: The stellar casting and acting; Sneha Khanwalkar’s music; the direction; dialogues. What’s Bad: The excessive violence; too many characters and a confusing plot; the length of the movie. Verdict: Gangs Of Wasseypur is a good movie brought down because of...more

Rajeev Masand
On the surface, Gangs of Wasseypur is a revenge saga, a tableau of vengeance between generations of gangsters. Scratch that surface and you’ll discover more than just a grim portrait. Director Anurag Kashyap decides to tell this story his way, infusing it with moments of sly wit that give the blood-soaked drama irresistible color. I’m reminded of a scene mid-way into the movie where Manoj Bajpayee’s...more

Raja Sen
The soundtrack of Anurag Kashyap's Gangs Of Wasseypur is a strikingly flavourful and headily authentic collection of quirky music, writes Raja Sen. The music review for Anurag Kashyap's magnum opus Gangs Of Wasseypur should have been up on Wednesday, but blame it on Sneha Khanwalkar. The strikingly talented composer, working with Kashyap after having lent her musical voice to all three of Dibakar...more

Anupama Chopra
Gangs of Wasseypur is an ambitious, sprawling saga about the coal mining mafia in Bihar. Three generations of Khan men carry on a blood feud that GA_googleFillSlot("ht_story_top_lhs_200x200"); related stories ...more