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Khiladi 786
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07 Dec, 2012  |   Comedy | Action
To prove his worth to his father, Mansukh(Himesh) takes up an unusual challenge of getting an underworld don TT bhai's(Mithun) spoilt brat sister Indu(Asin) getting married to a cop called.... more
Ashish R Mohan
Music Director
Himesh Reshammiya


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Khiladi 786

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Khiladi786 awesome movie
Khiladi 786 is nice movie.
nw watching: #Khiladi786
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@SamihaAnwar @ItssOishii26 Yeah,but I like those kind of movies Khiladi 786 has so story line either..but the action and comedy was amazing
862 Positive tweets
387 Negative tweets

I've got this one song on repeat - my new fav song! #khiladi786 #sarisariraat
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I hope u survive! :D RT@MedikalMiracle: Khiladi 786 being played in the bus. And this movie has Himesh in an acting role also.
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5 Negative tweets

Joker was beter than khiladi 786. Only in story nt in entertainment. If joker was directed wel it wuld be a hit.
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Cast: Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar
Plot Summary: After all, how can anyone ever prove, that there exists a god. And if there does exist a god, that...
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@SinghRowdysingh  said 594 days ago
@The_Khiladi786 @ErosNow @akshaykumar sir just finished watching #khiladi786 7th time ,tell u the truth enjoyed a lots whistle everywere

@imsaurabhjoshi  said 595 days ago
@SinghRowdysingh dat's not bad...#khiladi786 rocks...:-)

@SelfishTheist  said 595 days ago
was watching khiladi 786 yesterday..crapy movie but some scenes were really amazing :-D made me laugh..that's all matters :D

@akshayrenukdas  said 595 days ago
"@juhi_13: @akshaykumar:wish u all d best akshayji. Khiladi786 was fab nd i knw u wl rock agn wit d southy remake. Gud luck fr u n ur film."

@surabhisharmaa  said 595 days ago
#EscapeIn2013To avoid the mental harassment that #khiladi786 caused.

@CinnamonCurls  said 595 days ago
I'm surprised Akshay Kumar can still get it up. His karate kicks, I mean. #Khiladi786

@juhi_13  said 595 days ago
@akshaykumar : wish u all the best akshayji... Khiladi786 was fab nd i knw u will rock agn wit the southy remake... Gud luck fr u n ur film.

@gpdabestrapper  said 595 days ago
@akshaykumar sure bt khiladi 786 is awesome n am also waitin fr ur punjabi movie sir

@QasimRazaq13  said 595 days ago
@akshaykumar , hey sir I am ur big fan, 2 days ago I saw khiladi 786, fantastic film and the muzic is also faboulas

@navneet_1004004  said 595 days ago
@akshaykumar sir changing a hardcore action series into comedy was not a good idea..#khiladi786

@abhirosh1  said 595 days ago
@akshaykumar wanna c u in real #khiladi avatar lyk ur earlier #khiladi mvs.i njoyd #khiladi786 a lot.hoping dis year u vil cm wid mre hits

@Shizz284  said 595 days ago
#Balma #khiladi786

@Emmiaj  said 595 days ago
Joh Tenu Vekhiya .. Saanse gayi tham .. Saari saari Raat soye na Hum .. <3 .. #Khiladi786 .. @akshaykumar .. #HimeshReshammiya ..

@manav22  said 595 days ago
Ooo bawaaariyaaa lolzz"@synapsewitshrut: If you can't change the music, enjoy it.#notetoself #officemusic #khiladi786"

@TimCroninMusic  said 595 days ago
@SethMacFarlane Khiladi 786!!!

@ForUrFYI  said 595 days ago
ok please no more trauma to the team for the performance! they saw khiladi 786 #IndvsPak #IndPakSledge

@Nabaab_sandeep  said 595 days ago
@akshaykumar he evn hs a poster of ur movie khiladi 786, which he gt frm a party & carries it evrywhr he goes.

@addicted000084  said 595 days ago
RT "@iamaki_: Now watching #Khiladi786 on my borther's laptop ......i know its 1000 times better than crap #Dabangay2"

@VishaalTashi  said 595 days ago
#clt Lonely (Khiladi 786)

@virat1792  said 595 days ago
@shrutisetakkar supporting role in khiladi 786

@CrimeAas  said 595 days ago
Jadeja in, rohit out. I also skipped khiladi 786 to watch dabangg2! FUCKKK same thing.

@kingkarim27  said 595 days ago
@HearAWhosane truee I was actually saving it to watch it wit ya :P n ya last movie I saw was khiladi 786 n jab tak hai jaan

@Akshay_Fans  said 595 days ago
After BLOCKBUSTER Music of Khiladi786,,Himesh Reshamiya & Akshay Kumar Combo back with Special 26 & BOSS

@Protivaakhan  said 595 days ago
@SamihaAnwar @ItssOishii26 Yeah,but I like those kind of movies Khiladi 786 has so story line either..but the action and comedy was amazing

@SabtainAziz  said 595 days ago
Watched Khiladi 786 - good songs, not a bad storyline 3/5

@Hallypeno  said 595 days ago
I've got this one song on repeat - my new fav song! #khiladi786 #sarisariraat

@FreshAce  said 595 days ago
#nw khiladi 786

@BhootHuMain  said 596 days ago
Chulbul Pandey, Khiladi 786 and Bajirao Singham. That's cast of Indian Avengers.

@LoverClassified  said 596 days ago
After BLOCKBUSTERMusic of Khiladi 786,,Himesh Reshamiya & Akshay Kumar Combo back with Special 26 & Naam Hai BOSS..

@GurmeetSingh42  said 596 days ago
After BLOCKBUSTER Music of #Khiladi786 Himesh Reshamiya & Akshay Kumar Combo is back with #Special26 & #NaamHaiBOSS

A brilliant little film.more

wanna 1st day 1st showmore

Khiladi 786 turns out an okie-dokie movie with some occasional laughs and overall good performance but doesnt utilize star power of Akshay time watch.more

worst movie.. waste of tym totally..more

Poor man`s `Ready`, the film starring Salman Khan.more

An average script gone bad with terrible direction and OTT action and cinematography. The dialogues and script give casual smirks not laughs with below average performances. Total time waste!more

Akshay Kumar is back in Khiladi avatar an man is he damn good. Action and Comedy to the max is what this film provides. I wont add any spoilers but, do one thing if you like Action, Comedy, or just love pure entertainment for 2 hrs go watch khiladi 786 and you won't be disappointed but do leave your brain at home!!!more

The action was nice,in a crazy way,I like the way that Ashkay Kumar uses speed in a few situations.the story is silly and weird,not much funny moments but only a little,the story only focuses on the marriage and scheme,not the whole action though,I like the songs.I like the beginning and the end those were the only action scenes.I've seen better with the action and humor but the story could've been more funny and big.more

I like this movie but,I have not seen itmore

Madhureeta Mukherjee
ttle">Khiladi 786var msnsyn='Akela hai Mr. Khiladi, Ms. Khiladi chahiye. It’s that simple, really.'; The Critic has posted comments on this MovieMadhureeta Mukherjee, TNN, Dec 6, 2012, 02.07PM ISTCritic's ReviewReaders' ReviewsPost a reviewEmail this reviewPrint this reviewSave this reviewMy Saved reviewsReduce font sizeIncrease font sizeShare on HotklixShare...more

If only the filmmakers understand that we’ve had too much of the clichéd cop image. First Dabangg, then Singham, then Rowdy Rathore and now Khiladi 786. And wait, there’s more…it’s Dabangg 2 in a few weeks from now. Khiladi 786 has all the conventional elements that a typical masala film has – a bad cop, a runaway bride, a lachar goon, songs after every few minutes…Yet, it fails to create an...more

Shubir Rishi
Shubir Rishi feels Khiladi 786 is a wannabe funny movie, an assault on our collective intellect. Disclaimer: The writer of this review has been brought up on a constant diet of bad-good movies such as Gunda, Clerk, Saawariya [ Images ] and Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon, and his patience for such movies is limitless. BUT I have also lost count of the number of times I have wanted to run away, or close my eyes...more

Roshni Devi
Star cast: Akshay Kumar , Asin , Himesh Reshammiya , Sanjay Mishra, Mithun Chakraborty , Raj Babbar, Mukesh Rishi. What’s Good: The comedy & funny dialogues; the action; some performances. Watch or Not?: For Akshay Kumar’s action and the humour, this one’s worth a one-time watch. Khiladi 786 is a mish-mash of Akshay Kumar’s Welcome and Ajay Devgn ’s Son Of Sardaar . Even if it doesn’t take...more

Taran Adarsh
Now that the 1980s' variety of masala films are being lapped up by spectators, it is heartening to see Mumbai-based film-makers working hard to create zany entertainers, also boarding the next available flight to South India to clinch the deal/s for the remake rights of Southern blockbusters. The A-list actors, on their part, are equally gung ho for unabashed entertainers, consenting to allocate ample...more

Shubhra Gupta
I went into Khiladi 786 with every intention of being amused. But within a few minutes, I knew this yet-another-wannabe-Dabangg-style comic actioner was going to be a long, grit-your-teeth-and-bear-it haul: the film went from bad to terrible, and stayed that way. It starts off by telling us why the leading man is called Bahattar (72 in Hindi) for reasons you will fathom if you find yourself watching this...more

Rummana Ahmed
By Rummana Ahmed | Movie Reviews  –  Fri 7 Dec, 2012 4:46 PM IST This is Ashish R Mohan's directorial debut but having assisted on the 'Golmaal' series, he is quite familiar with the shortcut to the 100 crore club; sign up a popular Bollywood actor, pack in a few well-choreographed Matrix-style action sequences, pepper the narrative with clichéd slapstick humour, throw in an item song...more

Rajeev Masand
Khiladi 786 stars Akshay Kumar, who breaks into a Himesh-voiced song at the drop of a hat. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, except that Himesh Reshammiya himself appears in this film, which means you have two people on screen with the same voice - Himesh Reshammiya's voice. Creepy, positively creepy. 'Khiladi 786', with its pedestrian humour, inane plot, and hammy performances, begs...more

Saibal Chatterjee
Beyond the numbers, caricatures abound: a tough Punjabi munda whose fists are as fast as lightning when he takes on the baddies; a feisty Marathi mulgi who turns into a maniac when she gets behind the wheels of a car; and a luckless Gujju boy who cannot stay out of trouble. Neither is that all – a Canadian mother, a Chinese aunt and an African grandmother are added to the broth. It’s the united...more

Anupama Chopra
a>, Hindustan Times Mumbai, December 07, 2012 gapi.plusone.go("content"); &nbsp; Email to Author First Published: 22:35 IST(7/12/2012) Last Updated: 13:02 IST(9/12/2012) .bookmark_bg1 {background : #f5f8fc; border : solid #e7f1f8 1px; padding : 0 0 0 0;} Share&nbsp;more. ...more



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