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2012  |   Crime
Mumbai . 2003, a maze of local trains. Throbbing Crowds. Big Land deals. And intense politics. And in the center of it all, a volatile story.
Kabeer Kaushik
Music Director
Amjad Nadeem
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@ItemMom  said 1152 days ago
Any reviews on 'Maximum'? plan to watch it tmrw. provided its still playing!

@LZens93  said 1152 days ago
@RVRocket That's kind of hard for me to do. My local movie theatre gets a maximum of 8 movies at a time and that's not one of them.

@saahilchadha  said 1160 days ago
@taran_adarsh To top it up GOW is getting attention frm the audience Still MAXIMUM Good luck for the film

@mandeepkapoor24  said 1160 days ago
The promos of #Maximum is looking very good..if i watch would only be for Nasserudin shah..

@haruitk  said 1152 days ago
Maximum: A male dominated movie ;)

@THG_SwiftyBiebs  said 1184 days ago
Watch how everyone raves over the Maximum Ride movie.

@DWicketts  said 1184 days ago
@TheophilusL I want that picture as a poster! Swag to the maximum.

@rrorthop  said 1161 days ago
Mumbai mein rahne ke 2 he tareeke hain , yaa to TOP par raho , yaa CHUP raho ! Courtesy MAXIMUM movie .

@Ramkamal  said 1160 days ago
At special screening of Maximum. Its a simple and honest film. @sonusood is good. @Neha_Dhupia looks lovely.

@_charlotte_96  said 1152 days ago
people with a maximum on 3 profile pictures on facebook are trying too hard

@TaraPook  said 1152 days ago
Can we please keep Throwback Thursday at a 3 picture maximum? No need to hunt through all your mama's old photos.

@girishjohar  said 1160 days ago
Cop vs Cop...MAXIMUM seems to be a interesting watch...N

@kayladelion  said 1160 days ago
The Maximum Ride movie is long overdue

@ayush_rao  said 1160 days ago
@Neha_Dhupia all the best for movie "MAXIMUM"

@sakusakusakura  said 1160 days ago
@TenshiHoshino I think they should have made the movie about the Maximum Carnage story arc. #SpiderMan

@kirk_sams  said 1160 days ago
Ur RICH u gt 2 bills maximum in ur picture (y)

@VijayMailor  said 1159 days ago
@sonusood18 maximum movie songs is superb..

@Sunilhosamani  said 1159 days ago
@sonusood18 saw #maximum awesome movie loved it :)

@karishmashetty4  said 1159 days ago
@sonusood18 love maximum! My mum iz lyk "lets go watch it again" =)

@amber_prior  said 1159 days ago
I lose interest after a maximum of two minutes watching tennis.

@MaheshLal_m  said 1159 days ago
Going to watch maximum.....

@vishalvictor  said 1159 days ago
waiting to watch movie " maximum "

@RishiSehgal2  said 1159 days ago
@sonusood18 watched maximum ... Awesum movii ... ! Nice work bro (Y)

@Monsterlabil  said 1159 days ago
No twilight people for maximum ride movie cast please

@Point_Gawd  said 1152 days ago
Mexican football is only to be watched at maximum volume.

@Nadeem_Shah  said 1159 days ago
#Maximum in theaters today.... Do watch it...

@Sunilhosamani  said 1159 days ago
@hazelkeech Well! All the best for ur movie i pray tht let #Maximum bring maximum collection for boxoffice.... :)

@_imonlyindian  said 1159 days ago
#Maximum is a movie dat says the truth . If u hv the heart to hear it out must go n watch.

@niveditabasu  said 1159 days ago
@PokerStuffIndia aaahhh!totally forgot abt it #Maximum hope its a good flick but unfortunately no big buzz

@krunalpanchal15  said 1159 days ago
-5 rating given to d maximum picture.......Kabeer Kaushik wow thts wat i call the picture

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Madhureeta Mukherjee
ttle">Maximumvar msnsyn='Two encounter specialists get into a ruthless, head-on battle for maximum power and control; and are willing to go any extent to up the ‘headcount’ to fuel their selfish ambitions.'; The Critic has posted comments on this MovieMadhureeta Mukherjee, TNN, Jun 28, 2012, 08.24PM ISTCritic's ReviewReaders' ReviewsPost a reviewEmail this... more

Raja Sen
This week's release Maximum features good actors lazily reeling off lines that go nowhere, writes Raja Sen. The film opens with the word MAXIMUMBAI, suggesting either a superheroic clean-up lady or a city inundated by unminiskirts. Lamentably enough, Kabeer Kaushik's cop thriller is neither of those potentially fun things, and not even really a thriller. It's a pity, for Kaushik's Sehar... more

Taran Adarsh
A large number of movies with the protagonist as a cop have made it to the Hindi screen. A few remain etched in your memory to this day. Besides, many straight-out-of-life incidents are gradually finding their way on the big screen, which clearly indicates Hindi cinema's gradual move towards realistic films. Set in Mumbai in early 2000, MAXIMUM, helmed by Kabeer Kaushik, focuses on two cops and their... more

Kabeer Kaushik’s Maximum, oscillating between docu-drama and action thriller, lands up somewhere between the two and nowhere in particular. The story is predictable, the screenplay lacklustre and the characters undercooked. There was potential for the film to be a taut cop drama -- despite the seen-before encounter specialist angle -- but it ends up as a cop-out. You’ll be counting the minutes before... more

Saibal Chatterjee
Trigger-happy Mumbai cops gunning for gory glory have been the subject of many a Bollywood action flick of the past decade and a bit. This one promises the maximum. Does it deliver? Not quite. Maximum bites off far more than it can comfortably chew. The film is primarily about the power struggles that rage in the innards of the Mumbai police force and the heavy toll of life and limb the battles take,... more

Roshni Devi
Two of Mumbai’s most infamous encounter cops are trying to dominate each other. Find out how the story plays in Maximum . Star cast: Sonu Sood, Naseeruddin Shah, Neha Dhupia, Vinay Pathak, Anjana Sukhani, Aarya Babbar, Swanand Kirkire, Amit Sadh, Mohan Agashe and Rajendra Gupta. What’s Bad: The uninteresting story and screenplay; the half-baked characters. Verdict: Maximum is a dry and insipid fare.... more

Kunal Guha
Mooch is the secret of my energy: Sonu Sood in Maximum Contrary to popular belief, this film isn’t about a nighty-clad mother (maxi-mum). It is about Aamchi Mumbai- the maximum city. But director Kabeer Kaushik’s film takes minimum interest in Suketu Mehta’s interpretation of the city and if anything, only curdles it into a milkshake of clichés. So Mumbai isn’t about the ‘Mum-bhais’ anymore.... more

Rajeev Masand
A thriller about the power struggles within the Mumbai police force and the repercussions of such cops-versus-cops clashes, Maximum, directed by Kabeer Kaushik is an interesting idea that sadly doesn’t translate into a coherent film. Only Sonu Sood performs earnestly, but he's let down by a humorless script. He deserved better. Opening in 2003 when the police had more or less weeded out underworld... more

Shubhra Gupta
Mumbai. Inter-cop rivalry. Encounter specialists. Mob bosses. Complicit policemen. This combination has occurred in movies too numerous to name. What brought me to Maximum with some anticipation was the memory of the director�s debut Sehar, which took all of the above ingredients, minus Mumbai, and turned them into a memorable film, well-acted, well-etched, visceral. But Maximum turns out to be a... more