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29 Jun, 2012  |   Crime
Mumbai . 2003, a maze of local trains. Throbbing Crowds. Big Land deals. And intense politics. And in the center of it all, a volatile story.
Kabeer Kaushik
Music Director
Amjad Nadeem


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@jonespm  said 747 days ago
@SleepTheRocket you ever see Maximum Overdrive? Entire movie was AC/DC. So good!

@AaronCraig97  said 747 days ago
Maximum overdrive is a great movie

@keepmeposted25  said 747 days ago
@Brae23000, We don't! I think we watched like a maximum of two videos and we only visited Tumblr like once!

@revanthbandari  said 747 days ago
@indicine i think 120 crs is maximum this film will make...

@imemilyWBU  said 747 days ago
and she did the film thing for the olympics!! maximum respect for the queen ngl

@tamikakes  said 747 days ago
@diamondcandles psshhh burn the candle, perferably tropical retreat for maximum effect while watching #sharkweek

@MrBlackVijayFan  said 747 days ago
@Neha_Dhupia My Request please once again watch #MAXIMUM :D

@rajan332  said 747 days ago
@kamaalrkhan today maximum people has watched, that means tomorrow less people than today will watch.. mind it..( cont)

@dkb003  said 747 days ago
@notch just watch the movie "maximum overdrive" and that's what the future will bring

@HelloMrPerera  said 747 days ago
Bollywood movie releasing strategy :- Release a good looking trailer .. Release the film in maximum theater , collect the money in 3 days

@EliBah320  said 747 days ago
I'm watching Maximum Overdrive. Vehicles gon kill people.

@nicolenomnom  said 747 days ago
Maximum level of douchebagary: inviting someone over who digs you and tricking them into watching the ring movie.

@ejhogue  said 747 days ago
They need to make a maximum ride movie like asap

@james_clapham  said 747 days ago
I'm just about to watch a film called "maximum overdrive", stephen king made it while he was coked up. Beast

@anatsuno  said 747 days ago
TWoof: maximum redonkulouness finale watched. achievement unlocked.

@forevercreeper  said 747 days ago
@andlizzywaslike I wish I understood your reference but I have watched a maximum of 30 min of the Olympics, sooo. Excited to see you too! <3

@BrownBoyy_  said 747 days ago
Apparently I need headphones for my tv because I have it too loud. Sorry but to gain the best experience of the film I need maximum volume.

@leslie_sumaa  said 747 days ago
The producer chick said shes been to a maximum prison, watched border patrol, worn a bulletproof vest. But bein in the projects was WORSE!

@AlejandraCord21  said 747 days ago
so happy maximum ride is gonna b a movie:) yay

@sudnigga  said 747 days ago
Maximum number of screens worldwide for any Indian film, more than 80% advance bookings nationwide ...... Contd (1/2)

@HrantDinkVakfi  said 748 days ago
The Films about Conscience Project invites everyone who can get hold of a camera, to shoot a short film of maximum five minutes >

@youneverchange_  said 748 days ago
Ik ben nen Disney film aant zien opt maximum volume en de achterdeur staat open... De buren moeten nogal wa denke

@katpadi  said 748 days ago
well a Maximum Ride movie would be awesome...

@aimannasyraf  said 748 days ago
@nabehmansor 120mm. Harga dia mahal sikit and per film maximum 16 gambar je. Tapi takpe aku puas :)

@rpet26  said 748 days ago
I hate twitter and their maximum size of a profile picture... like wtf is that

@Sotone_bot  said 748 days ago
The Maximum Ride movie series better /actually/ happen in 2013 or I will cry forever.

@katiekelly96  said 748 days ago
I'm so bored :( think I am going to watch a film but it's maximum effort to go turn my tv on #dilemmas

@TheLincsEffect  said 748 days ago
@Lou1966 I've watched MBB for a maximum of 10 minutes and had to turn it off. It was not good. I do like the Inbetweeners though ;)

@DushtBaalak  said 749 days ago
@BoL_BLoGGeR maximum logo ne GOW acting aur story ki wajah se dekhi hai. Abhi log theatre toh aa rahe hai par Tiger ki booking k liye

@EKTHAVicky  said 749 days ago
Okey ! Finally booked my tickets for Ek Tha Tiger. CINEMAX for the MAXIMUM cinema experience on the BIGGEST SCREEN in India. 15th August !

Lockout &#x96; CATCH IT (B) Sci-fi adventurous movie about a prison in the space is an interesting premise. Starring Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace and set in the near future, Lockout follows a falsely convicted ex-government agent (Pearce), whose one chance at obtaining freedom lies in the dangerous mission of rescuing the President&#x27;s daughter (Grace) from rioting convicts at an outer space maximum-security prison. The story is...more

No spoiler here unless you consider me tipping you on a terrible movie a spoiler. I never write movie reviews but I had to take a minute to write a review about a movie that was so absurd in the first 10 minutes (of a 95 minute movie) that I turned it off. Some moronic director gave some moronic CGI animator free reign over 3 minutes of airtime. The result was a boring and silly motorcycle chase scene. It was so bad that I couldn&#x27;t...more

First off, I enjoy Guy Pearce as an actor. I first saw him in Memento, and enjoyed his performance in Prometheus. He&#x27;s solid in Lockout, and even better than Kurt Russell at being the tough good guy, imo. Whereas Russell stayed bitter til the end, Pearce is evenly paced throughout, offering some great one-liners and the &#x22;punchline&#x22; part was pretty funny. Maggie Grace is a very pretty actress, and she does her part...more

It was an O.K. movie at best. The plot idea was good, the C.G.I. was good, and the filming was good, yet the movie lost it&#x27;s potential success to it&#x27;s O.K. acting and wisecracking Snow&#x27;s constant egotistical comments often seen in the form of odd one-liners. It was close to being a great movie, but it suffered due to it&#x27;s mistakes in it&#x27;s production. <br><br>I rate the movie 7/10, with...more

At the Theater - &#x22;Lockout&#x22; - A woefully undercooked Sci-Fi/Actioner that might have been a merely OK straight-to-video release at one point, but ended up being gutted and butchered to attain that coveted PG-13 rating. It&#x27;s a grade D ripoff of John Carpenter&#x27;s Escape From N.Y. that&#x27;s much closer to Neil Marshall&#x27;s Doomsday in execution, minus the blood and gore, or course. There&#x27;s...more

Within the first 5 minutes of the film you already know the end. The plot is not original, nor is it funny (as it clearly tries to be). <br><br>With a rapid pace, the intro gives answers to the who and why&#x27;s of Snow and after 10 minutes the underlining motivation telling is at its end and the big action begins. Although I like some clich&#xE9;s, like heads blown off or zombie-like appearances of prison inmates, this...more

This movie has nothing special and it does not pretend to be so. And that&#x27;s a good thing. Guy Pearce plays well the irreverent &#x22;Snow&#x22; and he made the film an enjoyable ride. Maggie Grace and Pearce had a good chemistry here. Everything is predictable in this movie but watch it and you will have a couple of hours of good fun and action.<br><br>A drawback is that the &#x22;bad guys&#x22; are plane...more

In this futuristic science fiction film, earth has apparently solved its incarceration problem. A giant prison has been built in space floating above our earth and our prisoners have been put in stasis. They are frozen in containment pods and the work and worry of guarding prisoners and feeding them and keeping them occupied or even rehabilitating them is all in the past. But no less than the president&#x27;s daughter Maggie Grace is on a...more

The typical American criminal, Good on the inside Bad on his exterior... he risks his life and limb to save the presidents daughter from a maximum security prison filled with rapists,murderers, and nasty nasty people! he gets the girl in the end &#x22;president daughter that is&#x22; oh how cheesy....<br><br>The script was well written mind you, but previous films of this producer I.E TAKEN make this one look a bit Tame to...more

The premise of &#x22;Lockout&#x22; is nothing spectacular and not even particularly creative but has potential enough to deliver something good. With a plot that takes more than &#x22;inspiration&#x22; from John Carpenter&#x27;s &#x22;Escape from New York&#x22;-story, &#x22;Lockout&#x22; could have been a great mix between a claustrophobic thriller and a 80&#x27;s style action flick with an ultra cool...more

I had only vaguely heard of this movie when I rented it, so I didn&#x27;t have any bias. The movie starts out with enough suspense and drama to get you started, and this continues throughout. The main character is intriguing and unique, and quite well-played by Guy Pierce. Not your typical &#x22;action hero&#x22; as many have pointed out.<br><br>Overall it was an okay movie. It depends on how you go into it. If you...more

I wouldn&#x27;t put this movie on my &#x22;to buy for DVD collection&#x22; list, but I will admit that it was quite entertaining to watch. We saw this movie directly after seeing The Cabin in the Woods, and it was a breath of fresh air compared to all of the gory killing in Cabin in the Woods. I enjoyed the humorous lines of the main character Snow played by Guy Pearce. In addition, I love the twist at the end. The only real...more

Remember THE movie, Army of Darkness, where Bruce Campbell has all those wonderful macho lines ? Well, here we go. This was little over the top, as it should be in that category, and it seemed to work well for this protagonist. Meanwhile, there are some really excellent Irish prison inmates who provide I think noteworthy performances. Many elements of this were the right stuff, and many were a bit off. Relax and have fun with it. What can I say...more

&#x22;Withen the last hour there&#x27;s been a massive infraction on super-max MS1. It&#x27;s a takeover.&#x22; Snow (Pearce) is a former CIA agent who has been wrongly convicted of a crime. His sentence is 30 years in a cryogenic chamber that is in a floating ship 50 miles above the Earth. While he is waiting for his sentence to begin the president&#x27;s daughter (Grace) is conducting interviews in the prison to see if...more

OK, so if you asked me to make a movie and gave me access to the CGI, and high priced camera&#x27;s available to those wonderful people in Hollywood, I still wouldn&#x27;t have been able to make a movie this bad. OMG, Serioulsly, has Hollywood just given up? I loved the 5th element, and when I saw that Luc Beson was the producer of this film, I thought, these other reviews I have read must be nuts! Unfortunately, it is a very, very,...more

Seeing both Guy and I come from Melbourne, I always try and watch a film with him in it, and Guy is always worth watching, but I did not care for this role, he just seems to try to hard to be that action comic one line hero type of bloke! The story line is old, re-done, re-made, same old plot, and no way in the same league as Snake Plissken! The special effects are really bad at times, like watching a PS2 game, but some of the effects are...more

Another example of the trailer being way better than the film...when will I ever learn! I had been expecting a roller-coaster, special effects filled, sci-fi epic and got a dull, preposterous and plodding prison breakout movie. There is no chemistry between the male and female leads and as they take up much of the screen time its dullsville in space.<br><br>Felt like the Snow character was written specifically for Bruce Willis but...more

Not a bad viewing, but I certainly wouldn&#x27;t recommend this film to anyone unless you are content with a mindless violence action movie which has dipped its toes in the loan market of many previous films.<br><br>Countless TV adverts and marketing before I went to see the film softened this blow as after all, rarely is a film pushed so much of a good standard. As the story progressed with extremely convenient links which...more

A former government agent Snow is unjustly sentenced to 30 years for crimes against the U.S. However, when the President&#x27;s daughter Emily visits the Maximum Security (MS) One space prison things go awry and Snow is offered a pardon if he can rescue her against all the odds. This gives him an opportunity to conclude some unfinished business if he can survive the the inmates released from their cryogenic...more

Lockout is the story of a man named Snow (Guy Pearce) who goes into a space station prison, to rescue the presidents daughter (Maggie Grace), who is trapped in an prison outbreak. <br><br>Of course there is more depth to the plot, but not too much, the majority of the film is the two main characters running around and barely making it through doors, that can not be broken through. There is also a sub plot that could have been more...more

There is something inherently wonderful about those movies that take themselves to a place of pure absurdity, somewhere so devoid of logic or reason that it allows them to drop any and all pretense of the story taking place in a realistic world. Without the shackles of rules and meaning to hold them down, these stories run wild, fully exploiting each and every moment for pure humor, action, machismo, sexuality, or pretty much any emotion under...more

What&#x27;s the matter with me? Haven&#x27;t I learnt by now that whenever the name Luc Besson is connected in any way with a film it&#x27;s the same as seeing Simon Cowell listed on the credits of some new singer&#x27;s CD. I guess I&#x27;m just always too prepared to give someone the benefit of the doubt.<br><br>It&#x27;s difficult to muster very much to say about this heap of excrescence. It&#x27;s...more

If you are looking for a film to pass (or waste) the time and don&#x27;t want anything mentally challenging, this film is for you. It&#x27;s not nearly as gory as it could have been (and that&#x27;s not a complaint). The film does not tell us much about the characters&#x27; backstories, but somehow you don&#x27;t really care--this is a film about dueling stereotypes.<br><br>The point of the film is that the...more

I&#x27;m an old school sci-fi buff and enjoy a good action flick and this movie had aspects of both. I do have to say that I very much enjoyed that the main hero wasn&#x27;t some bad ass who just mopped up the streets with all the available thugs but took his beatings like any normal person.<br><br>Overall though the movie had a slightly better than &#x27;B&#x27; grade feel to it budget and special effects wise, the...more

Gr8 to see Guy Pearce after a long while. The last film of his I saw was Memento(2000). I&#x27;ve been a big fan of his after I saw his performance in the film Ravenous(1999) which was loosely based on Alfred Packer. <br><br>In this film he looks leaner and keener. The one-liners in the film are terrific. Kudos to the guy who wrote this clever script. The action and outer-space photography is also top notch. Background music...more

I&#x27;d skimmed a few reviews inc Ebert&#x27;s (avoid, even if you skim to the end, he spoils it) and didn&#x27;t expect much.<br><br>Really enjoyed it. Yes it&#x27;s a re-tread of Escape from New York but who cares.<br><br>Good pace, strong acting (Pearce is a given but Gulgun the real revelation - genuinely emotional stuff) Anyone who slates this movie has lost their inner child (or mid-teen) watch it...more

Basically the same premise as the classic Escape from NY - bad dude tasked with saving the President (or his daughter, in this case) from a maximum security prison (a space-station prison in as opposed to Manhattan).<br><br>Luc Besson did the screenplay so right away you know this will be a well-executed film with lots of interesting characters and awesome set design. And in those regards, this film doesn&#x27;t disappoint. Guy...more

Don&#x27;t you miss 80s action films? You know you do. You miss the sarcastic, loner hero whose tough-as-nails exterior hides a heart of gold beneath. You miss the gleefully psychotic villains who are always destined for an explosive, over-the-top demise. You miss the killer soundtracks, the cool atmosphere, and the clear-cut lines between good and evil.<br><br>Lockout, released to a moderately successful theatrical run earlier...more

It&#x27;s fair to say Luc Besson has gotten a bit giddy ever since &#x22;Taken.&#x22; The man who once upon a time brought us &#x22;La Femme Nikita&#x22; and &#x22;Leon: The Professional&#x22; has instead taken to lighter action fare, in this case recruiting amateurs James Mather and Stephen St. Leger to help write and direct his &#x22;original idea.&#x22; Exactly&#x97;not a &#x22;story by&#x22;...more

Come on people, watch it for what it is. Yes it&#x27;s silly, it&#x27;s supposed to be. It looks great and slides down easy. Guy Pearce is a blast to watch as he struts and mouths off throughout the film in a manner I haven&#x27;t seen since Bruce Willis in the Last Boy Scout. This is an 80&#x27;s action movie at it&#x27;s core set in space. One of failures of recent action movies trying to be an 80&#x27;s action flick...more

This movie was disappointing. The beginning rushes into the plot with no real build-up that emotionally ties you to any character. The sound has a bizarre echo to it, which was irritating as well. While the premise of a prison in orbit around the Earth is creative, the movie lacks maturity in the editing and acting. Throughout the entire movie, I had a feeling that they must have filmed everything in a hurry, and edited everything very quickly....more

This movie was a failure at the box office on its opening weekend, so if you never heard about this, don&#x27;t fret. Heck, I hadn&#x27;t even heard of it until some friends of mine told me about the following: In the tailer, an agent refers to the Guy Pearce characters as &#x22;A loose canon, but (he&#x27;s) the best we&#x27;ve got&#x22;. That line alone is so corny and so ridiculous, that even some of the cheesiest...more

The writing and storyline in this movie is bad. Half way through I thought perhaps the writers were goofing on us. They wrote that many improbable scenes, most based upon stuff that just never, ever would/could happen. Normally I think &#x22;lazy writing&#x22; when I see things this stupid in a movie as the writers could have worked harder to write something that worked. OTOH, much of the dialog is &#x22;tongue in cheek&#x22;...more

So terrible. Worst Sci-Fi movie ever, per dollar, probably ($20 million). There was not ONE single technical/scientific aspect of this movie that&#x27;s wasn&#x27;t absolutely, absurdly, criminally wrong.<br><br>The entire premise of a prison in space is ridiculous. Why spend millions to put a criminal in orbit, and millions more to put them to sleep? Seriously. So stupid. Then the whole security breach part. Seems like...more

OK, so lets begin with the plot, as much as it is. It is the year 2079 and criminals from all nationalities (however still under the watchful eye of the USA) are now being locked up in space on board vessels such as Maximum Security 1 (M.S.1). The most serious criminals are kept in stasis for the length of their sentence. For some inexplicable reason the US Secret Service lets the President&#x27;s daughter Emilie Warnock (Maggie Grace)...more

Lockout is just an action movie - but a good one. The story isn&#x27;t very inspired and there are not many twists. But it&#x27;s very well down in terms of acting, directing &#x26; screenplay. <br><br>I like the lukewarm, shallow, but funny and cool dialogs of Guy Pearce and his affectation, also the relation between him and Maggie Grace. It reminds me of classic 80s action movies of Silvester Stallone (most of all...more

Why is it that a protagonist can always take punches like nothing is happening? Meanwhile, the antagonist is rendered unconscious by a single blow. Its miscues like this that happen again and again throughout Lockout. The fascinating future that runs through Lockout is brought to you by Luc Besson&#x97;the genius screenplay writer of Taken, The Fifth Element, and Leon: The Professional. Unfortunately, Besson was not the screenwriter. The...more

The 56th president of the USA&#x27;s do-gooder daughter, Emilie (Maggie Grace), is on a fact-finding trip to SuperMax Prison Planet MS: One&#x97;a prototype orbital big house where inmates are kept pacified in deep freeze&#x97;when she&#x27;s taken hostage in a riotous insurgency led by freshly thawed Scots psychopaths (Vincent Regan and Joseph Gilgun). The only man who can extract Emilie from this peril is in the bad graces,...more

First of all this movie is not serious at all, it makes fun of a lot of tropes, some quite subtlety, others not.<br><br>For those of you unfamiliar with Luc Besson he&#x27;s responsible for the classic action movie Taken and cult scifi hit 5th element, as well as the oddball french film Angel A, he sure didn&#x27;t bother giving the script the same love and attention as 5th element but all his signature humor is still there...more

I found this to be a great, fun, well-acted, funny, and &#x22;unique&#x22; take on the typical action films of our our past. I say &#x22;unique&#x22;, because it is not, in any way, unique. I give that the setting is something new, but all in all, this movie pulls from great movies past, and in doing so, made off with a seasoned, enjoyable film.<br><br>Guy Pearce was flawless and oddly fresh as the standard...more

I don&#x27;t know what has gotten into you people? You&#x27;re talking about rip-offs and bad direction etc., but I honestly can&#x27;t see what are you talking about. The acting was great with a cheesy line here and there but it was not that bad. The actors where very well chosen for their parts and you could see that they were really in character without exaggerating. There weren&#x27;t that many CGI effects but when there...more

This is essentially the love child of &#x27;Escape from New York&#x27; and &#x27;Die Hard&#x27;&#x85; in space. I don&#x27;t expect it will ever be as iconic as either of its parents but it does what it does remarkably well.<br><br>It is a bit cheesy in places and if you come at this with the wrong frame of mind then Guy Pierce&#x27;s Han Solo character could be a bit grating.<br><br>There is...more

Being a pretty skeptical guy, both towards &#x22;mainstream&#x22; and &#x22;critical reviews&#x22;, I still wanted to give this movie a chance, and be fair, instead of having negative attitude towards every new action movie that Hollywood spits out.<br><br>And boy, if I was disappointed.<br><br>Guy Pearces character kind of reminded me of Die Hard&#x27;s John McClane, especially attitude, though it...more

Guy Pearce steals the film with his dry caustic humor as a wrongly accused special agent. The film has a decent plot involving the president&#x27;s daughter on a humanitarian visit to a maximum security space prison suspected of foul play. The visit goes south and it&#x27;s up to agent Snow (Guy Pearce) to save her against about 450+ murders and rapists.<br><br>Most action films have the same wise cracking devil-may-cry hero...more

I agree with pretty much everything jamuckley said, except Taken being Luc Bessons best movie. Taken is definitely the best movie hes put out in the last ten years, but...The Professional? Fifth Element? He has definitely slipped though, and Taken seemed like he was finally starting to blend is old work with his new action pieces (like The Transporter), but unfortunately no thats not the case. Hopefully though, with Taken 2 and The Professional...more

Lock Out is a sci fi action movie with the familiar story of a rebel/criminal being tasked with breaking an important woman out of a high security prison facility. Though the story is clich&#xE9;d, its a premise that I usually find interesting. The twist here is its the year 2079 in the future, and the prison is an orbiting huge structure above the Earth.<br><br>It wasn&#x27;t as good as the trailer made it seem. The...more

There are Comic Books and there are Movies made about Comic Book Heroes. There are Comic Books and there are Movies that are like Comic Books. They have that same sort of abandon bravado that is within the creative world that is the adventurous ride one takes when entering and buying into that realm.<br><br>This is one of those types. It has very little logic and very little applicable science. It just is. You except that, buy your...more

To anyone expecting a summer popcorn extravaganza with superstars and character development will be disappointed. However, if you&#x27;re looking for an old school 1970&#x27;s to 1980&#x27;s action flick where the emphasis is on the action and plot serves only as an excuse for it, then you&#x27;re in luck. This film is a blast! Basically it&#x27;s Escape From New York in Low Earth Orbit. Guy Pearce&#x27;s character,...more

The similarities between Lockout and 2008&#x27;s Taken are so abundant that it almost seems lazy to make the comparison (notice, however, how that will not stop me). Both come from the Luc Besson School of Filmmaking, both feature Maggie Grace in desperate need of some life savin&#x27;, and both center around tough guys who can kill you with a neck chop just as easily as with a machine gun. In theory, these two films are so close, in...more

&#x27;LOCKOUT&#x27;: Four Stars (Out of Five) <br><br>Guy Pearce tries his hand at a B action movie tough guy role in this Sci-Fi adventure flick. It sort of plays like &#x27;DIE-HARD&#x27; or &#x27;ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK&#x27; in space and is very reminiscent of 80&#x27;s action films (the kind I grew up on and loved). It may have a lot of flaws and come across as extremely cheesy but it&#x27;s a lot...more

When I watched Lockout, I didn&#x27;t even know it was from Luc Besson until I saw his name at the start of the movie. This got me excited remembering how I like his past films especially &#x22;The Fifth Element&#x22;. Besson&#x27;s films seem to have that unique polish and style that places them in a class between A and B movies. They always have some ludicrous scenes and effects included similar to B movies but they are...more

the graphic works is great. and i don&#x27;t believe they spent all that money on characters and graphics and other effect and the story line is extremely poor. the movie starts good and it has some comedy parts, the main characters are well in place. but the movie story line start to spin out of order and out of logic after almost an hour. and many things happens that could not be considered logical in any time even if it was in the future...more

There&#x27;s nothing more perfect that watching a loud action movie in the summer, and a summer action movie that doesn&#x27;t take itself seriously at all. That&#x27;s what you get with Lockout, a sci-fi actioner that takes its cues from the action flicks of the 90s.<br><br>Guy Pearce is funny as Snow, the lone rogue operative agent sent into rescue the President&#x27;s daughter, who&#x27;s on a fact finding...more

I really wanted to like this film in it&#x27;s 90&#x27;s esque action glory and inappropriate humor. And it&#x27;s not that I hated it by any means it&#x27;s just that despite some really good moments the balance is just too off for it too really work. It&#x27;s a little too jokey in most scenes and the action is just a little too quickly cut in others and like most recent films it lacks a really memorable bad guy something...more

This is very possibly the worst movie I have seen this year. Was it actually released theatrically? Wow! Generally, when you see the name Luc Besson attached to a production, the two things you can be assured of are a terrible script, and bad directing. Usually bad acting, too. In this case, he doesn&#x27;t disappoint (or rather, he does). It&#x27;s strange to see good actors in what would be considered a below average &#x22;Made...more

Far into the future, a new system has been developed to house the worst of the worst in a space station prison which ideally makes earth a safer place. In comes the President&#x27;s daughter Emile Warnock (Maggie Grace) to visit this dreaded space jail on a goodwill mission. But alas she gets caught up in an unexpected prison riot and gets caught up in the chaos, so sets the stage for Lockout. In comes Snow (Guy Pearce) who is sent on a...more

Luc Besson&#x27;s name is all over the marketing for Lockout, the new sci-fi action thriller directed by James Mather and Stephen St. Leger. From a publicity standpoint, it makes sense. Besson&#x27;s films are always entertaining, and his better ones invariably become cult classics.<br><br>Unfortunately, despite the fact that Besson both co-wrote and produced Lockout, the film just doesn&#x27;t live up to its...more

Europa Corp looks set to expand upon its stable of storytellers and filmmakers, with Luc Besson once again lending his brand name to herald the introduction of first time feature writer-directors James Mather and Stephen St. Leger by coming up with the story and premise, and letting them take everything from that launch point. So here comes Lockout, a futuristic science fiction that contains all the genre staples from the studio, with a...more

..Hopefully Prometheus will rescue us from the lame Sci-Fi = SyFy we have been dealt over the last few years. For Luc Besson to claim &#x22;an original idea&#x22; is an offense to any fan, this movie STEALS from other movies, and does a poor imitation. If it had at least been more bad a$$, instead of lamely joke cracking every 5 seconds, it could have redeemed itself. But instead, this &#x22;movie&#x22; comes off like a very...more

OK, this is a stupid movie. Very stupid. If there weren&#x27;t for violence, you could show in the kindergarten. Kids there could probably believe both the plot and the technical aspects. Guy Pearce obviously needed the money. When such guys need to pay the bills, they usually pick B or C movie with the A budget. Sometimes they pick D and that&#x27;s what this movie is. Simply stupid, fun here and there (thanks to Mr. Pearce;...more

Compassion is a powerful feeling and those with the ability and means to extend their assistance may be willing to go as far as they are needed. <br><br>&#x22;Lockout&#x22; is a sci-fi thriller that revives the idea that, just because criminals are cast away from society, that doesn&#x27;t mean they are completely lost and there is still hope of getting them back on track. Well, that sounds like a promising script if...more

Cue stereotypical action movie. Enact corny catchphrases and misogynistic overtones. Hilarious premise that&#x27;s already been a Metalocalypse joke.<br><br>But on the other hand, pretty much every action movie is a predictable piece of garbage. Unfortunately this one is extremely action-y. Sporting at least 3-5 explosions and 8-12 dumb action movie lines.<br><br>I would rather catch a second showing of Rango because...more

This movie had great potential ,Luc Besson did well in a lot of the movie but failed miserably when choosing the lead actress,cause she was just horrible,I don&#x27;t know why but she just didn&#x27;t fit there and the lines they gave her...well I gotta recognize that the lame and cheesy lines they gave her contributed greatly for the dis(Grace)!! Anyway The Lead Actor got great lines and he sure got many laughs out of me,the supporting...more

There&#x27;s an old joke about fat &#x22;cabinet&#x22; army general who wanted to become military genius and his colleagues proposed (as only available solution) to remove one of his eyes - may be this way he could become similar to Moshe Dayan.<br><br>This joke immediately jumped into my mind when I finished watching &#x22;Lockout&#x22;. May be if someone will give an eye patch to Guy Pierce, he&#x27;ll get...more

OK, so I decided to watch this movie out of boredom. I had seen previews and to be honest this sci-fi/action/prison in space movies was not on the top of my list. I have seen movies like this before and am usually disappointed because they usually have some ex-pro wrestler as the star and basically bad acting and are passed off as guy movies as an excuse for being a pile of crap.<br><br>This movie was a pleasant surprise. The acting...more

Ambition is a funny thing, it can serve as motivation to create something great or it can delude the ambitious artist into believing that what they have created is great. In the case of Lockout it was not great, although it appeared to be ambitiously aiming towards a first rate science fiction action adventure. I considered the premise to be somewhat plausible that someday in the not too distant future prisons would no longer be Earth bound. Of...more

Lockout is a product of outright laziness. There is nothing new here, nothing unique, and nothing to recommend. Aside from a few good jokes from our hero, Snow (Guy Pearce), the film has nothing going for it. The plot is stock beyond belief, the dialogue is groan-inducing, and the action editing is some of the worst in years. What is technically a good idea on paper, a prison break in space, is spoiled with extremely lousy and inept...more

Bad acting, bad story - if you could call this acting or a story. I just can&#x27;t believe I spent that much time of my life on this movie. Thought Guy Pearce maybe had turned into an actor in quality movies, but nooooo. What a waste of time. Luckily I still have a lot of time to watch good movies. I mean, what the h... The production of the movie was OK, though. OK action-scenes, but the acting...and the story...Now I&#x27;m just...more

Everything that is wrong with this film has already been said as the everything you see on screen is stolen from other films which did it made better. take the time to see Fortress or Escape from NY or Die Hard or Alien 4 or really any film other than this piece of junk. <br><br>I love Sci fi and guy Pearce and i like Maggie grace and luc beson but lockout....well I don&#x27;t love or even like you and it was painful to last...more

Imitation is said to be the greatest form of flattery and it shows in LOCKOUT. While it&#x27;s nice to see a modern-day homage to some old movies, LOCKOUT falls short of becoming a great action film all on its own and ends up succumbing to becoming nothing but a pale shadow of the 80&#x27;s movies.<br><br>I didn&#x27;t care if the story was basically ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK PLUS DIE HARD IN SPACE; I was still willing to...more

If you have had a hard week and you had a job that drains your brain and you want mindless entertainment,then this is the movie for you. Luc Besson must have been paid a ton of money for his half developed story. The plot was pretty predictable and I saw every twist coming from a mile away. The characters seemed underdeveloped and their actions were nonsensical. The small talk between the two leads seemed unrealistic in a life and death...more

I loved this fun thriller, especially Guy Pearce as a wise-cracking agent sent to rescue the President&#x27;s daughter from outer-space prison, where she&#x27;s been making a charity visit.<br><br>There&#x27;s lots of humour (especially in the first scenes - it&#x27;s like Pearce is doing a Philip Marlowe impression) and the action is non-stop. <br><br>I was a bit puzzled that the inmates in...more

Only reason i watched this movie was because Guy Pearce was in it and also Maggie Grace is pretty hot. Plot seems simple enough, Snow (Pearce) is a CIA agent who does something wrong and is asked to rescue the presidents daughter when a space trip to a space prison goes awry.<br><br>I wasn&#x27;t expecting too much from the film because you have to take it for what it is, an action film. It isn&#x27;t anything more because...more

One of the weakest movies I have seen this year. Full of Dumb jokes and infantile flirting between the main characters. Combat scenes are a disaster. What is wrong with you guys? There is now a minimum of standard requirements in this area... Clich&#xE9; good cop - bad cop interrogation. Very disappointing, because the idea of a jail in space is quite original and not exploited by cinema. Perhaps writers and directors should concentrate...more

The somewhat intriguing sci-fi premise of this action thriller shouldn&#x27;t otherwise distract you from the fact that it hails from Luc Besson&#x27;s Europacorp, which has made its name in recent years with an unparalleled string of quick-and-dirty B-action movies- some of which like &#x27;Taken&#x27; and &#x27;District 13&#x27; are admittedly not without their guilty pleasures. Indeed, &#x27;Lockout&#x27;-...more

Think of &#x22;Escape From New York&#x22;, only made for today.<br><br>Pearce&#x27;s deadpan, sarcastic lines are the real highlight of the film. This is actually one of the funniest sci-fi films I&#x27;ve ever seen. It really was the film&#x27;s saving grace.<br><br>There&#x27;s an action sequence about 15 minutes in that is flat out terrible in terms of CGI realism(or lack of it). That scene...more

From the producers of Taken, Europa Corp&#x27;s latest resurrection, Lockout provides us with a farcical excuse for using left over film tape. The trailer offers potential, the idea of firm criminals becoming magnetised to the depths of space imprisonment seemed a little embracing. Its protagonist, Mr Guy Pearce (The Hurt Locker) amplified in the spotlight as a strong choice to fulfil the lead, and Maggie Grace seems to have matured from...more

What is Guy Pearce doing in Lockout? More to the point, what was I doing there? Alas, it was another pre-credits walkout from me. Life&#x27;s too short to spend it watching the credits of poorly made pulp.<br><br>If you&#x27;ve seen Escape from New York or Escape from L.A., imagine them set in space and you&#x27;ve seen Lockout, albeit with Kurt Russell doing his best rather than with Guy Pearce taking the money and...more

Saying that a movie is better than the made for TV movie swill that Sci Fi (or SyFy) network keeps pumping out isn&#x27;t exactly great praise. Well that&#x27;s kind of a good reason to see this one. If you like once in a while a not so good somewhat Science Fiction movie to keep your brain washed out this will do nicely.<br><br>I won&#x27;t go into the legion of scientific errors. I wouldn&#x27;t have space....more

I don&#x27;t know how to really express my overall feeling for this movie but it was kind of : let&#x27;s rush to the end so maybe people won&#x27;t notice how bad it is. Scenes follow each other at double .. triple speed. Script is non existent. Wouldn&#x27;t guy Pearce be in the movie, it would be directly classified as B-movie. I guess having him in the cast was their only way to have this movie in theatres. Sometimes I...more

Snow (Guy Pearce) is a governmental agent, accused of killing another governmental operative and stealing information from him. He actually tried to save that information and passed them on to his partner Mace (Tim Plester). Each one tries to get away on their own, but soon they both are arrested. After futile attempts to squeeze the information from Snow, he&#x27;s convicted to 30 years in stasis on MS: One, a maximum security prison in...more

I was really looking forward to seeing this movie after seeing the trailer, so much that I went to see it at the theater the day it came out. Usually I wait to see new releases until they hit Redbox. The trailer is misleading. It makes the film look like it has a lot of sci-fi special effects, but it has almost none, in reality. It&#x27;s mostly fight and chase scenes. Lockout is rather predictable. The main thing I enjoyed about it is...more

Best action flick I&#x27;ve seen in a while. Guy Pearce rocks as the hero delivering humorous sarcastic banter with co-star Maggie Grace throughout the film. Awesome special effects and action scenes with the real conspirator getting what&#x27;s due at the end. After the flick I felt like I&#x27;ve seen this story before somewhere but couldn&#x27;t figure it out. Then it hit me..... we have the Presidents daughter held captive...more

This is one of those movies that goes in a very cheesy and campy direction on purpose and doesn&#x27;t take itself seriously. And it&#x27;s slightly entertaining. This movie might have had potential but it just not a well made movie and when it comes down to it, it&#x27;s a B movie without the entertaining essence of some B movies. So the plot is this, a guy named Snow(Guy Pearce) who is a former govt agent that gets accused of...more

After reading the reviews I was expecting a great movie, instead it was just alright. The special effects are great and at parts it looks like a video game more than a movie. In my opinion the acting was horrible which was unexpected especially from Guy Pearce, but probably it was just a very bad script and the actors have no fault. Since from the first scene where the actor gets punched a million times I suspected the movie was gonna be bad. I...more

Caught this late Friday night with my girl after the Drake gig and had a good night overall. After being on my feet for hours it was good to sit on my arse at twelve on the night and just switch off and enjoy a mindless bit of action. And that&#x27;s exactly what &#x27;Lockout&#x27; offers. If you&#x27;ve seen Luc Besson&#x27;s Europacorp action flicks you know what to expect. I love all of them and this was no exception....more

During the initial credits of Lockout, we are informed that the film is &#x22;based on an original idea by Luc Besson&#x22;. And I guess that this is the idea he brought: &#x22;Hey guys, let&#x27;s make a remake of Escape from New York, but in the space or something like that, in order to avoid demands&#x22;. So, with that concept in hand, Besson decided to co-write the screenplay with James Mather and Stephen St. Leger (who...more

I was kind of inclined to headline this as being the movie guaranteed to make highbrow film fans froth with incredulity. That anyone could enjoy such a derivative, tongue-in-cheek, low ambition piece of schlock, is surely cause for venomous spleen venting from the serio film brigade. They call them guilty pleasures, but thing is, I just don&#x27;t feel guilty about having such a wonderfully fun filled great time with the Luc Besson produced...more

Quite surprised that this movie is being liked so well. It really is nothing more than a dumb. B-movie flick. It&#x27;s the sort of stuff Jean- Claude Van Damme used to do in the early &#x27;90&#x27;s. In that regard I also really don&#x27;t understand how a respected actor such as Guy Pearce ended up playing the lead role in this movie.<br><br>The movie isn&#x27;t even being an original one. It...more

In this film, a man falsely accused of murder is sent into a prison in space where he has to save the president&#x27;s daughter from escaped prisoners. Yes, the plot is about as inventive as Super Mario Brothers. Before I get to the negatives though, I just want to talk about the positives. First of all, I really enjoyed the villains, as there were both a nice contrast to each other. One of them is a convincing psychotic maniac named...more

First off, Lockout is not meant to be taken seriously. It is a fun action sci-fi movie that breaks the boundaries of what it physically possible. Remember when you were a kid playing with your little action figures in the sandbox, well that is how they designed Lockout. They forgot about what is real and what can actually be done and simply had fun.<br><br>Guy Pearce is hilarious and teamed up with Maggie Grace the laughs just keep...more

This movie was hackneyed and full of clich&#xE9;s and a pretty terrible chase scene early on in the movie. However, Guy Pearce was excellent in his sarcastic and eternally exhausted role as Snow. He was worth the watch alone. The rest of it was eye candy that shouldn&#x27;t require too much thinking because your head might explode. Good rental.<br><br>Besson clearly meant this film as an homage to Carpenter&#x27;s Escape...more

Why couldn&#x27;t film directors learn from the classics of the past, where the audience could watch and enjoy a movie without first taking Dramamine. Action scenes today are mostly wasted celluloid and I would not have gone to this if I had known how crappy it would be...not from content, which was popcorn fodder, but from the stupid in-your-face, too-close-to-the-action-to-see-what&#x27;s-going-on filming.<br><br>This had...more

If you are a Guilty Pleasure Movie fan like myself, you can really appreciate a movie that blends action and comedy. This movie reminds me of films like, &#x22;the big hit&#x22;, &#x22;boondock saints&#x22;, and &#x22;zombie land&#x22;. Guy Peirce plays one of the funniest characters I&#x27;ve seen on film. Just non stop wise cracks! This could get a bit tiresome, and does limit the character&#x27;s...more

Horrible, choppy mess of a movie.<br><br>Don&#x27;t waste your time unless you want a movie to make fun of.<br><br>Acting was mediocre to just plain bad.<br><br>The constant one liners became annoying.<br><br>The plot or plots was very choppy and messy. It seemed like the movie was just one plot from what the trailer displayed, but another plot was brought into the movie at the beginning....more

I watched this movie in Germany and we got the uncut version (that will be released in the good old US of A tagged as unrated). I have to admit, I had no idea what to expect, but was more than pleasantly surprised. Is this a formula that has been used before? Of course it has. John McClane, Snake Plissken and others come to mind. I&#x27;m not saying Guy Pearces character is rattling the throne of one of them, but he is having so much fun...more

At first I was making fun of this as a bad remake of Escape from New York. I mean, the president&#x27;s daughter is held captive in a giant futuristic prison and a lone wolf, cigarette smoking anti hero is sent in, alone, to get her. Sounds familiar, right? If only. Guy Pearce does pretty well, and the lead female manages to bluff her way through her lines. But the story is a MESS with plot holes you could drive a train through. I...more

I was pretty surprised with this movie. Of course the script isn&#x27;t a grand discovery but on the other hand we&#x27;ve been telling the same stories since ancient times.<br><br>Even though you know from the beginning how the story will unfold (more or less) the acting and characters in this one are what keeps you watching.<br><br>Guy Pearce, Joseph Gilgun and even Maggie Grace did a great job. The camera work...more

Snow (Guy Pearce), a wrongly convicted CIA agent, is given a chance at freedom by going to a maximum security prison in outer space in hopes of saving Emilie (Maggie Grace), the president&#x27;s daughter. The 400 inmates had been released from stasis. This can&#x27;t be good. <br><br>This is basically a hide- and- seek-and- running- from- the- bad-guys- movie on a prison in outer space. So what are needed are never ending...more

This movie was thoroughly horrible.<br><br>Lockout is the type of clich&#xE9;d movie that was made redundant when schwarzenegger and Stallone finally beat the horse to death back in the bad old days of the mindlessly violent eighties.It sucked.<br><br>To be fair i only watched the 1st 30mins,maybe it improved, but my intuition says that it didn&#x27;t.<br><br>I understand that a new generation of...more

It is not the worst film ever (at least not to the point Battleship was), but it had a few flaws that spoiled it a bit for me.<br><br>Despite being a woman, I do like action movies even if they are somewhat brainless. I never expected any Oscar-winning performance in this film, nor did I expect any complicated plot. The story is very linear and you will figure out most of it from the trailer before the movie even starts. The problem...more

But Guy Pierce simply isn&#x27;t the Rock or even Karl Urban for this role, and even if he was, the casting was way light in numbers of identifiable characters for the genre of film where characters you care about or hate are wasted one at a time until one or two are left standing.<br><br>As for effects, the beginning and ending f/x sequences were too cheap and incongruous with the body of the film&#x27;s live action....more

I enjoyed this movie for the nice action-oriented thrill-ride it was. Nobody watches a Schwarzenegger or Stallone movie for the acting performances. Is anyone going to claim that Expendables was full of quality acting and plausible storyplots? Nonsense. This is a genre of film which doesn&#x27;t require any of that for its appeal. I&#x27;d compare this to Escape from New York, which younger viewers may not be familiar with, but which...more

In 2079, Snow (Guy Pierce) is falsely accused for treason, but offered a get out of jail free card if he can rescue Emilie (Maggie Grace) the president&#x27;s daughter, a reporter who gets taken hostage when a prison revolt happens about a penal space station.<br><br>Copletely and totally derivative of certain other action films of the &#x27;80&#x27;s (and while I won&#x27;t name them, you&#x27;ll figure it out...more

Madhureeta Mukherjee
ttle">Maximumvar msnsyn='Two encounter specialists get into a ruthless, head-on battle for maximum power and control; and are willing to go any extent to up the ‘headcount’ to fuel their selfish ambitions.'; The Critic has posted comments on this MovieMadhureeta Mukherjee, TNN, Jun 28, 2012, 08.24PM ISTCritic's ReviewReaders' ReviewsPost a reviewEmail this...more

Raja Sen
This week's release Maximum features good actors lazily reeling off lines that go nowhere, writes Raja Sen. The film opens with the word MAXIMUMBAI, suggesting either a superheroic clean-up lady or a city inundated by unminiskirts. Lamentably enough, Kabeer Kaushik's cop thriller is neither of those potentially fun things, and not even really a thriller. It's a pity, for Kaushik's Sehar...more

Taran Adarsh
A large number of movies with the protagonist as a cop have made it to the Hindi screen. A few remain etched in your memory to this day. Besides, many straight-out-of-life incidents are gradually finding their way on the big screen, which clearly indicates Hindi cinema's gradual move towards realistic films. Set in Mumbai in early 2000, MAXIMUM, helmed by Kabeer Kaushik, focuses on two cops and their...more

Kabeer Kaushik’s Maximum, oscillating between docu-drama and action thriller, lands up somewhere between the two and nowhere in particular. The story is predictable, the screenplay lacklustre and the characters undercooked. There was potential for the film to be a taut cop drama -- despite the seen-before encounter specialist angle -- but it ends up as a cop-out. You’ll be counting the minutes before...more

Saibal Chatterjee
Trigger-happy Mumbai cops gunning for gory glory have been the subject of many a Bollywood action flick of the past decade and a bit. This one promises the maximum. Does it deliver? Not quite. Maximum bites off far more than it can comfortably chew. The film is primarily about the power struggles that rage in the innards of the Mumbai police force and the heavy toll of life and limb the battles take,...more

Roshni Devi
Two of Mumbai’s most infamous encounter cops are trying to dominate each other. Find out how the story plays in Maximum . Star cast: Sonu Sood, Naseeruddin Shah, Neha Dhupia, Vinay Pathak, Anjana Sukhani, Aarya Babbar, Swanand Kirkire, Amit Sadh, Mohan Agashe and Rajendra Gupta. What’s Bad: The uninteresting story and screenplay; the half-baked characters. Verdict: Maximum is a dry and insipid fare....more

Kunal Guha
Mooch is the secret of my energy: Sonu Sood in Maximum Contrary to popular belief, this film isn’t about a nighty-clad mother (maxi-mum). It is about Aamchi Mumbai- the maximum city. But director Kabeer Kaushik’s film takes minimum interest in Suketu Mehta’s interpretation of the city and if anything, only curdles it into a milkshake of clichés. So Mumbai isn’t about the ‘Mum-bhais’ anymore....more

Rajeev Masand
A thriller about the power struggles within the Mumbai police force and the repercussions of such cops-versus-cops clashes, Maximum, directed by Kabeer Kaushik is an interesting idea that sadly doesn’t translate into a coherent film. Only Sonu Sood performs earnestly, but he's let down by a humorless script. He deserved better. Opening in 2003 when the police had more or less weeded out underworld...more

Shubhra Gupta
Mumbai. Inter-cop rivalry. Encounter specialists. Mob bosses. Complicit policemen. This combination has occurred in movies too numerous to name. What brought me to Maximum with some anticipation was the memory of the director�s debut Sehar, which took all of the above ingredients, minus Mumbai, and turned them into a memorable film, well-acted, well-etched, visceral. But Maximum turns out to be a...more