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Son Of Sardaar
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13 Nov, 2012  |   Comedy | Action
A strapping sardaar travels to his home in Punjab from UK to claim ancestral property; only to be welcomed by another family of sardaars who're age-old clan-dushmans. And the only escape is.... more
Ashwani Dhir
Music Director
Himesh Reshammiya
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Son Of Sardaar

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Going by people's responses to Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Son of Sardaar, it seem the best release this Diwali was by Rakhi Sawant.
Rahul G : Mom hum is desh ko kab tak lutenge? Sonia G: #JTHJ Rahul G: ohh par hamari help kaun karega? Sonia G: Son Of Sardaar.
Son Of Sardaar Awesome Movie
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#JabTakHaiJaan is another story of another Son of Sardaar !
164 Positive tweets
55 Negative tweets

Hey guyz! I am listening songs of Son Of Sardaar on Wataniya Music Store.
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Yikes the new song of #SonOfSardaar is so boring! Its got the Namastey London hangover and the visuals are too slow! This movis is #EpicFail
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The first few minutes of khiladi 786 are better than Son of Sardaar. #Bollywood Akshay underrates his acting talent & overrates himself.
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@yearning4d_sky Yes a pity the script & direction was of an inferior standard #sonofsardaar
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@TheBigDowg  said 615 days ago
Watched Son of Sardaar. I'm glad I ain't a Sardaar or else I would have been really pissed with Ajay Devgangnam. Fuckall movie :|

@awards_2012  said 615 days ago
to vote ajay devgn[son of sardaar] best actor-bollywood retweet it result on @gauravbhaai on 31.12.12

@awards_2012  said 615 days ago
to vote son of sardaar best movie-bollywood retweet it result on @gauravbhaai on 31.12.12

@hummerrhead  said 615 days ago
Son of Sardaar, seriously? What were you guys thinking when you made this movie?!

@ParasharzBoy  said 615 days ago
maan jaa son of sardaar. Paka mat.

@AyeItsAdeel  said 616 days ago
Now time to watch movie #SonofSardaar

@AnoeskaSewradj  said 616 days ago
Ohnee son of sardaar *

@Harsh09Singh  said 616 days ago
Watching Son Of Sardaar! Hahahaha! Kya bakchod movie hai! :P

@basithharoon  said 616 days ago
Not sure wheather to laugh or *facepalm* #SonOfSardaar

@palomamadhok  said 616 days ago
Sardar: oye mein sardar hoon aur asardar bhi! Normal guy: kaunse film se suna hain son of sardaar? kyunki real life mein toh aisa hota nahin

@rahulrampal4  said 616 days ago
@mySchutzengel gujju realy I am son of sardaar

@himeshfans  said 616 days ago
@Mirchi983FM Dangerous Ishq | Bol Bachchan | OMG | Son of Sardaar | Khiladi 786 >>> The musik king Himesh Reshammiya !!

@dhaivatraval  said 616 days ago
@Mirchi983FM Dangerous Ishq | Bol Bachchan | OMG | Son of Sardaar | Khiladi 786 >>> The musik king Himesh Reshammiya !!

@amitnimade  said 616 days ago
Sanjay Dutt has given us two mind-blowing performances this year with AGNEEPATH and SON OF SARDAAR! While he receiv... #Bollywood #News

@ichaitany  said 616 days ago
Sanjay Dutt has given us two mind-blowing performances this year with AGNEEPATH and SON OF SARDAAR! While he receiv... #Bollywood #News

@worldnewshare  said 616 days ago
Sanjay Dutt has given us two mind-blowing performances this year with AGNEEPATH and SON OF SARDAAR! While he receiv... #Bollywood #News

@iamsleepysid  said 616 days ago
Watching #SonOfSardaar on #LEDTV..awesome clarity i say..:)

@AMSinghvi  said 616 days ago
Rehman Malik became son of sardaar and Manmohan Singh became Ullu da Pattha

@Cinema_mv  said 617 days ago
@zumra_a Son of Sardaar

@BeingKohlicious  said 617 days ago
Son Of Sardaar on the field! Ohh ya ya.. #IndvsEng #TweetCommentry

@niveditabasu  said 617 days ago
@kumar856 @duttsanjay @AjayDevgan :):) #SonOfSardaar

@niveditabasu  said 617 days ago
@HvsR yes agreed abt some PJ's but only big stars like Sanju Baba,Ajay Devgan,Sonakshi can pull it off #SonOfSardaar

@niveditabasu  said 617 days ago
@iamanandkr #NowWatching #SonOfSardaar sahi picture hai waise,I've realised bade stars ke saath slapstick humour also works,Very Sallu bhai

@iamanandkr  said 617 days ago
"@niveditabasu: #NowWatching #SonOfSardaar" ON PIRATED DVD ? Hahaha

@IshwerLehl  said 617 days ago
Jab Tak Hai Jaan & Son of Sardaar is in the house now. Thanks dad for getting it. Can finally watch it now :D

@Boxoffice_india  said 618 days ago
Jab tak hai jaan defeated Son of Sardaar in Boxoffice battle ,....

@VikramjitSidhu  said 618 days ago
@Umber_Maan let me know if you watch son of sardaar and what you think of it.. X

@baabar_ali  said 619 days ago
@xZaraaax u watched son of sardaar,Bakwaas :P

@MrPawanKalyan  said 619 days ago
@harish2you Whch Mve Do U Like Out Of Three Films #JTHJ #Talaash #SonOfsardaar ?

@iamaadesh  said 619 days ago
@GOLDIEBEHL rite day for him and all son of sardaar's coz 12-12-12 jai ho punjabi.

Son of Sardar Bahut Bekarmore

please work i want to see itmore

Total Masala Entertainer..Very Funny...Sanjay Dutt is just too good :)more

This movie is a result of a blunder made when you stretch a sitcom of 20 minutes to 140 minutes. The movie could have easily done with less stupid scenes and some reduced effects heavy action sequences.more

another buffoonery inspired by Wanted & Rowdy Rathod..but way less entertaining..provides very few laughs..its sad to see an actor like Ajay Devgn falling down to this level...more

If you want to enjoy full 2 hours 20 minute without sitting idle then go for it or else you from those who wants to sit lonely and come out then don,t go. You will find everything in it from action, comedy, romance, music etc.more

Attempt at making no brains romantic comedy by Ajay Devgan is a total Failure. Songs are torture, Acting below par. Few one liners do make you laugh.more

Son of Sardar is a movie starring Ajay Devgan directed by Ashwani Dhir, known for his successful direction in Atithi Tum Kab Jaaoge and One Two Three. If you've watched any of these two movies, you know one thing. His movie doesn't really have plot but still does good on box-office because of its witty jokes and punches. Similarly, SOS doesn't really have a plot(or at least a convincing one). But that's not why its rated 4....more

Very pathetic and waste of money !!more

Superlative OTT with a bit of fun n frolic thrown in. The movie is bearable n quite a laugh if you leave your brain outside. Devgn is not very convincing as a Sikh but Dutt is really good.more

Was a tasteless movie based upon ignorance and prejudice using bad stereotypes. Made with actors of a different religion for people of that religion.more

"Son of Sardar" is capable of wielding the death knell for future Bollywood attractions in a western world. Erstwhile stars prostituted their reputations to work in this supercilious drivel: Ajay Devgan ("Halla Bol", "Omkara", "Yuva"); Sanjay Dutt ("Naam", "Parinetta" "Sadak, Saajan"), Salman Khan ("Veer", "Kuch,Kuch Hota Hai", "Maine Pyaar Kyun...more

complete nonsense moviemore

Madhureeta Mukherjee
ttle">Son Of Sardaarvar msnsyn='A strapping sardaar travels home (Punjab) from UK, to claim ancestral property; only to be welcomed by another family of sardaars who’re age-old clan-dushmans. And the only escape is living-in with the enemy.'; The Critic has posted comments on this MovieMadhureeta Mukherjee, TNN, Nov 12, 2012, 07.29PM ISTCritic's...more

Rohit Khilnani Mumbai
. It lacks a good script and is packed to capacity with a lot of action and masala. Ajay Devgn's [ Images ] entry shot on two horses, the bravo sikh dialogues, the jokes and the Iron Man hand that makes people fly in the air, there is that and a lot more that will keep the whistles going at the cinemas.  Son of Sardaar is the remake of a Telugu film Maryada Ramanna by S.S. Rajamouli but is a lot...more

Taran Adarsh
S.S. Rajamouli, the creative genius, holds the enviable record of delivering stupendous Blockbusters in a row. His films, consequently, have been remade in various Indian languages... the Hindi film industry has woken up to his brilliance as well. VIKRAMARKUDU was remade as ROWDY RATHORE, EEGA was dubbed in Hindi as MAKKHI and now, Rajamouli's MARYADA RAMANNA gets a Hindi avatar -- SON OF SARDAAR --...more

Abhishek Mande
Abhishek Mande feels Ajay Devgn [ Images ] and Sanjay Dutt's [ Images ] latest movie has very little to offer except perhaps a headache that could well ruin your festive spirit. Back in school, around this time every year the rehearsals for the Nativity play would begin amidst much excitement. All of us who got selected to be part of it thought we were brilliant; the teachers who directed it thought...more

Roshni Devi
Star Cast: Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi Sinha , Sanjay Dutt , Mukul Dev, Juhi Chawla, Salman Khan (guest appearance). What’s Bad: The dearth of comedy; the stretched story. Son Of Sardaar opens with Ajay Devgan ’s bone-crunching fight scene in a club. In a guest appearance in the film, Salman Khan packs a few punches for his sardar friend and warns the goons, “Pathan ke yaar ke saath panga mat lena.”...more

Rummana Ahmed
By Rummana Ahmed | Movie Reviews  –  Wed 14 Nov, 2012 3:42 PM IST Ajay Devgn's Diwali gamble didn't quite pay off this time. A film like 'Son of Sardar' can work on two accounts, either on the merit of star power or on the quantity/quality of amusing gimmicks that the makers can pack in. However, with a flimsy plot and inadequate humour, the story fails to take off. Simply put, it...more

Shubhra Gupta
Sat Nov 17 2012, 00:14 hrs --> Son Of Sardaar DIRECTOR: Ashwni Dhir CAST: Ajay Devgn, Sanjay Dutt, Sonakshi Sinha, Juhi Chawla, Tanuja, Mukul Dev, Vindu Dara Singh *1/2 This film begins with Ajay Devgn hanging precariously from a clock tower with one hand, twisting his other fist vigorously. But that, dear viewer, is not an SOS. That is a dance step. And that very first sighting pretty much...more

This one is for die-hard fans of the Bollywood masala genre. There is larger-than-life herogiri, gravity-defying maar-dhaad, cheesy dialogue-baazi and a happy ending. Son of Sardaar opens with a song that lists the many virtues of the community. And almost immediately, the action moves to a London nightclub where our turbaned hero Jaswinder Singh Randhawa aka Jassi (Ajay) beats up the baddies with some...more



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